Breaking: Final Fantasy VII for PC is a Go!

Square-Enix UK just released this trailer on YouTube, confirming the existence of the PC download of Final Fantasy VII…most probably the same version that Eidos published years ago except now it should work on current PCs and is bug-free. No mention of Steam and additional improvements as of yet, but don’t hold your breath for anything ground-breaking. The trailer mentions that the UK Square-Enix shop will offer the download. No price point or release date yet, but we’ll update you soon with more details.

If the codes and programming are practically identical to the Eidos port, then the mod community should be pleased as they’ve been active for years…modifying the game to a point that it can be considered a remake!

Edit: here are the new features in the PC version: Cloud Saving, Achievements, Character Booster, and current PC optimization. They all speak for themselves except the booster, which is basically a cheat mechanic for newbies who get stuck. Somehow, you can level up your characters without the need for grinding.

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  1. Yeah boosting allows you to max out your HP, MP, and Gil. I’m surprised Steam isn’t going to host this game because I won’t bother with it if I’ve got to go through Square-Enix themselves. Shove this on Steam for $15 or less with all those features and you’ve got yourself a deal.

    Minimum specs are: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit), a 2GHz Processor or faster, 1GB RAM and a DirectX 9-compatible graphic card.

  2. Wow can’t they at least update the graphics to today’s standards? This game looks like crap I’m sorry. I can’t do retro for a reason you know

  3. I normally don’T give a flying rat’S ass how good the graphics are as long as they’re functional, but in this case, I’m unhappy. After recreating the intro with better graphics a decade ago, they have no excuse.

  4. This is just about what I expected when the rumors of a PC download was floating about. FYI, if you’ve been in the know, it’s obvious that Square is in no position for a remake right now. They don’t intend to do it unless the stars align and their financials aren’t ideal. Besides, it’s too late for this generation for this remake. This is basically a cash in and a legal way to get ahold of the PC port released years ago with a few extra features. Obviously it’s higher res than the PS1 version and you can get achievements.

    The big question right now is how compatible are the mods? If this community can port all their work to this latest PC release, then you guys are in for a treat as an HD remake already exists thanks to the fans.

  5. What’s funny is that they openly say “if another FF outsells VII then we’ll make a remake,” but the company isn’t the same company from the mid-90s. We can all see that. One need only look at all the hits they put out in the SNES and PS1 days and compare those to today. We barely get anything today, and what we do get pales in comparison. So asking for another FF to outsell VII is ridiculous. I don’t even want them to work on a real remake of VII because I’m so scared what they’d end up doing to it. At this point in time Square-Enix needs to rethink their strategy because clearly it’s not working. Their North American subsidiary is what’s keeping them afloat, which is insane if you think about it. I was looking through their financials the other day and virtually all of their money is coming from Eidos. Had they not made that purchase they would be in serious financial trouble right now.

    I really miss the days of the classic Squaresoft and Enix. We used to get so many awesome games that we’ve never heard of again. Where’s a new Chrono, how about another Brave Fencer Musashi, Einhänder, Vagrant Story, the list goes on and on. What’s worse, when they do put out a new original IP they don’t market it at all. There have been some really awesome games released on the DS and PSP that the world all but ignored because they had no idea these games were even released, and that’s just sad.

    So at the end of the day I’ve almost given up on Square-Enix. They’ll always hold a special place in my heart, but their glory days are long gone. They’re now saying they might stop internal development completely except for smaller projects and outsource their larger projects so they can release more of them in less time. That’s how sad the situation has become for the once leader of the RPG genre.

  6. That quote was total bull crap, Jarrod. Wada was out of his mind to say that. It’s bullshit and they know it for reasons you’ve stated. Also, if you think about it, they’ve already surpassed FF7. FFXI is the highest grossing in the series. But if they’re talking about quality, they’re being too subjective and insulting themselves. Nobody will agree which installment is the best. People already prefer FFIX, X, XII, and even XIII over VII. So everything he said is PR crap.

    Yeah, internal Square development hasn’t been what it used to since their PS1 and PS2 days. Their last handful of good titles exist in the handheld space, which really reminds me of PS1 territory. If they’re going to outsource, so be it. Bring MistWalker in for the FFVII remake and you’ve got yourself a hit!

  7. Indeed Ahmed. FFXI is their most profitable FF, but I think he’s talking individual sales of the console versions, and that will never happen again. It was the perfect game, at the perfect time, that took the perfect amount of risk. That will never again be possible. RPGs were niche prior to FFVII in North America. For goodness sakes we all refer to the genre as pre and post FFVII when talking about North American RPGs. That’s how influential it was, and to ever think that will happen again is just plain stupid. Wada makes himself look like a fool that doesn’t understand why VII was so successful in the first place. I think the guy needs to go back to business school lol.

    I fully agree that their portable titles have been awesome as of late, but look at the market penetration, the games simply aren’t moving enough units and that’s not because of quality, but because of marketing. Their brand name has been seriously injured since the end of the PlayStation 2 generation. We all used to be SUPER excited for their new games, but just look at this gen. The company fell SO FAR. Where’s Kingdom Hearts III? Where’s the real FF IV? Where’s Versus? Better yet, where are all the original IPs on consoles? They’ve pretty much completely given up on the console market outside of FF.

    The internal studio appears to be focusing on smaller games and re-releases of classic titles, namely FF. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear that the next real iteration of FF wasn’t being internally developed by Square.

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