Rocksteady Working on Silver Age Batman Game?

Variety is reporting that Warner Bros’ most successful game studio, Rocksteady, is now working on a prequel to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City that will feature a Silver Age Batman.  The big news is that the game will showcase Batman’s very first meeting with his arch-nemisis, the Joker.  Surprisingly the game is also supposed to feature key members from the Justice League.  If we go back to the Silver Age comics, the Justice League was made up of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman.  The reasoning behind his move is to slowly introduce the masses to the idea of the Justice League for hopes of eventually releasing a Justice League movie.  Given the huge success of Marvel’s The Avengers, it’s obviously something DC wants to cash in on.  The question I pose is this, aren’t they sort of preaching to the choir with a move like this?  Virtually all videogame fans that are into the Batman series most likely already know about the Justice League.  If anything, wouldn’t it be a much better idea to follow Marvel’s plan and include little teasers at the end of each one of their big movies to slowly link all the films together?  Sure it might seem like a me-to move, but I think it would go a long way in helping their cause.

This is what the Silver Aged Batman looked like.

The biggest problem DC faces with their Hollywood endeavour is the lack of success they’ve had thus far.  The Green Lantern was an international disappointment.  The Dark Knight Rises will wrap up Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and Christian Bale has already confirmed this was his final Batman movie, meaning the character he portrayed will not be featured in the JL movie.  Sure Batman will likely be in it, but it won’t be the same character at all.  So that leaves us with only The Man of Steel, which will hit theatres next year, and is still unproven.  Will audiences flock to see the new Superman movie, or will be it be like Superman Return, a disappointment?  DC has a lot of work ahead of them if they wish to put together a movie of The Avengers‘ caliber and have audiences eat it up.  They will have to launch at least a Flash movie, and a Wonder Woman movie if they want to slowly start to get people involved with these characters.  Look at what Marvel did with Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, etc.  These are all b-list characters and yet their movies soared, meaning there’s no reason DC can’t have the same success if they handle their properties correctly.

What do you all think of this?

2 thoughts on “Rocksteady Working on Silver Age Batman Game?”

  1. This is mostly an untapped age for me so it would be interesting to see a Batman from that era. Yeah, DC’s movies aren’t as good as Marvel’s…with the exception of The Dark Knight Trilogy. Ironically, DC’s games do edge out Marvel’s. So it’s a pretty interesting parallelism we have going on here. For all I care, Injustice for the PS3/360 is going to be my Justice League experience. I don’t think they can pull off an Avengers from the DC side of things in terms of filming.

    1. Yeah in terms of Hollywood DC is at least ten years behind Marvel. What makes no sense is that Warner Bros. has controlled DC since day 1, meaning they should have given the comic staff more freedom to assist with the Hollywood productions. Instead we get that awful Catwoman movie with Halle Berry. It never made sense to me. When Marvel broke free and made Marvel Studios, the very first thing they did was involve the comic guys to make sure things flowed as smoothly as possible. From Iron Man all the way to the Avengers, their movies have really hit the nail on the head because of this. DC simply doesn’t get it, and you can see it with Green Lantern and the upcoming Superman movie. It might be fun, but yet again they didn’t bring the comic guys onboard, which is a huge mistake.

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