2 thoughts on “COE Mobility – Episode 3”

  1. Great podcast Justin. I think the biggest draw for me is that you can program games and release them yourself without any fuss. You can pre-order the SDK version of the system for only $225, which is incredible even if this thing completely bombs. I miss those days where anyone/everyone could develop games for early PCs and release them for their pals to play. If this new box can at least bring back some of those days, then it will be a huge success to me. All the cons you mentioned are very valid and even if this thing completely sells out, that’s only around 85,000 units which Sony, Nintendo and MS will do within 20 minutes of launching their new platforms.

  2. I think ‘great’ is up for debate :P ;) I was falling flat on my face left and right, but it’s all in good fun. I’m just not going to listen myself XD Yeah, I somewhat forgot about the reality that anyone can create applications for OUYA. That really does make it the developers’ box. You don’t have to be an officially-recognized business entity. If this manages to gain steam, NSM will have some serious rethinking to do about their console business models. Of course OUYA will never see NSM’s major properties, but they won’t be able to sell their hardware and software at high prices forever.

    Either way, I’m especially looking forward to the PlayPad…the dumb Android gamepad name that I couldn’t remember for the life of me in episodes 2 and 3 :P It would be wonderful later this year to be able to play the more sophisticated games on my tablet at work, or anywhere away from home for the matter…and it be just like playing on a console. I think frankly it took too long for anyone to bring a controller to the scene, and it has somewhat caused the sophisticated games developers’ to suffer a bit from a sales standpoint. Of course nothing forced these companies to put those games out for Android/iOS, but it’s pretty obvious I think that way more people would play shooters especially on a tablet with a dedicated controller.

    Hope you enjoy this machine if/when it eventually arrives :)

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