First Pics of New PS3 Surface

All credit goes out to Technoblog for breaking this story.  The Brazilian website noticed some rather incredible findings with the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications (which works like the FCC).  Not only did the agency have the new model numbers that broke last week, but also included specific details on the size of the HDD in each new version of the console, 250GB, 500GB, and a smaller Xbox 360 Arcade-like version coming in at 16GB.  Keep in mind these pics look a little rough, and we have no way to confirm if they are in indeed legit, but based on the design it looks almost guaranteed at this point.

If Sony can release a PS3 around the same dimensions as the Slim PS2 I think that would make a lot of people really take notice.  Currently the 160GB Slim PS3 sells for $250 in North America, so it’s not out of the question to believe a small price drop could be in order to go along with the new design.  Sony has also confirmed they will be taking part in Gamescom running from August 15th to the 19th so if you like to bet, the good money is on Sony making this announcement there.

What do you guys think of this third redesign for the PlayStation 3?

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