Dragon Quest X Officially Launches in Japan

If you happen to be in Japan right now, I strongly recommend you head you’re your local game store and enjoy the madness that is a DQ launch.  By now it’s 9PM in Japan so chances are all copies of the game are sold out, and all the stores closed, but hey at least you have options.

Earlier today Square-Enix officially launched Dragon Quest X in Japan, and there were the typical huge lineups all over the place.  While we won’t know how well the game sold until sometime later next week, the early signs say this game is going to be a success.

I’ve been really curious how this MMORPG would play compared to others.  Is it more Final Fantasy XII or Star Wars: The Old Republic?  In order to answer this question, I’ve been watching a live stream of Kotaku play the game, and right now it looks impressive.  If you’re curious, be sure to follow their feed here.

My initial impressions are that this looks like a cleaner version of Dragon Quest VIII on the PlayStation 2.  It features an orchestrated soundtrack that sounds wonderful, as expected.  What I love is how all the original sound effect are still here, giving it that ultra old-school feel.  It isn’t in HD, given this is a Wii exclusive, and there’s no voice acting whatsoever, not even during cutscenes.  There are some really nice character customization options, and classes you can choose from.  There’s an introduction that lasts about three hours or so before the main quest finally kicks in, where you select your main playable character.  I don’t want to give away too much for those that don’t want to be spoiled, but I will say that the beginning is all story driven.

The next step is to take this bad boy online, which is when the servers continuously crash.  This is to be expected given the amount of traffic the servers are likely seeing, what with this being the launch day and everything.  There’s an update that’s already available, and Kotaku went off to do just that, which is when I stopped watching and figured I’d give you guys this little update.

For those curious about the fight system, it’s a hybrid system.  As you run around the world you sucked into battles when enemies touch you.  You can try and avoid them, but good luck with that.  Once in battle you can move around your target, but you use commands in order to attack.  You don’t control the other party members (if you’ve acquired any via the story).  To be perfectly honest, this looks about exactly as you’d imagine an MMO DQ would look like.

So all told this looks like a nice combination of old meets new.  We already know there’s no chance of this game hitting the rest of the world on the Wii, but I’m really curious if Square-Enix will release it on the Wii U worldwide.  I see no reason why they wouldn’t, and I’m up for checking it out so long as they keep subscription prices low.  Ok, that’s enough from me for now, I’m heading back to see if the stream is up and I highly recommend you do the same!  Happy Dragon Quest day everyone!


3 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Officially Launches in Japan”

  1. Saw some of the stream. Looks great and epic. Still has a lot of the classic DQ elements while breathing some fresh air into the series. If it sees an international release next year, it may be my first MMO. I Nintendo released DQ IV, V, VI, and IX on the DS, I can’t see why they don’t stop with X. As long as they’re generous with the subscription fees, then it may find a good international audience on the Wii U. If all else fails, I’m sure Square will find a way for PC release in a year or two.

  2. Yeah I hope this finds its way to North America because I’d love to give it a spin. I’m kind of curious to hear/see more of the game though. I’d like to know how it progresses, if it continues to focus on the story and what sort of end-game options are available. That’s the secret to a successful MMO, keeping players glued to it for months and years to come.

    In terms of the gameplay, it looks like a nice mix. I’m surprised they kept the swooping camera in when you battle considering other players can come to our aid at any point, so I wonder what happens on their end. Does the camera also have that swoop motion or does that only occur for the first person to activate the battle?

  3. Well it looks like they have plans for 10 years which is very impressive. Regarding the international release, I just hope Nintendo of America or Europe don’t cower out just because it’s an MMO. While the servers won’t be as overloaded as Japan, it’s shouldn’t be a hassle to maintain in my opinion. Plus, subscriptions may give them the opportunity to make money in the long run. DQ sells modestly internationally but get the subscription fees in there and it may be a good investment from their part.

    Would make sense if the swooping camera only activates on the character who makes contact with the enemy.

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