38 Hours Left to Pre-Order OUYA

With only 38 hours left to go before the OUYA team cashes in on the over $6 million in support from fans across the world, the company has revealed final pics of what the console will look like and the finished controller.  They also revealed that the open-source media player XBMC will be making its way to the console and that TuneIn will also be there on day one.  TuneIn is a digital radio service with over 70,000 channels and two million on-demand programs.  While that’s all the news I have for you for today, take a look at the latest images the company sent our way.

Here’s what the controller actually looks like. That little black square is actually a touch pad.
Now that’s what I call a small console, wouldn’t you agree?

So that’s it for the OUYA Kickstarter.  It was quite a ride, and I’m sure we’ll have a lot more news in the coming weeks and months leading up to its March 2013 release date.  For all those who backed the Kickstarter, what say you?  Are you super excited for what this little device can do?  What do you think of the controller and console design?  I want to hear your thoughts and everyone else as well!

3 thoughts on “38 Hours Left to Pre-Order OUYA”

  1. There might be some tech types that will enjoy this system’s freedom, but that’s about it tho :)

    1. Yeah like I said before, I don’t see this thing completely changing the gaming landscape, but I think it might offer up some really creative indie titles. We’ll see sometime next year how this all goes down ;) I know a LOT of my friends pre-ordered one solely for the fact they know emulators are going to be on here from day 1, just look at how many are readily available on Android now. Couple that with the system’s ability to transmit an HD signal and we could have some pretty awesome HD upscaling emulators for that big screen TV.

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