So How Successful Was Dragon Quest X’s Launch?

We’ve got the week one sales numbers for Dragon Quest X, and they’re pretty impressive considering this is an online-only MMORPG.  The latest game in the classic series moved 367,148 units during its debut week.  While that’s a very far cry from the 2.31 million that Dragon Quest IX sold during its first week, we need to keep in mind the genre again.  It makes more sense to compare sales of DQ X with those of something like Final Fantasy XIV, which sold only 190,000 units during its launch week in Japan.

Naturally the real story will be to see how many subscribers Square-Enix gets over the long haul.  There are many factors why the initial sales are the lowest the series has ever had.  If SE gets enough subscribers, even though the initial sales pale in comparison to the rest of the series, it could still end up being the most successful DQ in history.

We’ll be following this story closely over the coming weeks and months, as it’ll be very interesting to see how long the game remains on the charts.

3 thoughts on “So How Successful Was Dragon Quest X’s Launch?”

  1. Yeah, abnormally low numbers but it makes sense. This is a whole different genre we’re talking about. Plus, Wii sales had a good boost this week which usually barren. I’m curious to know if this is the most successful MMO launch in Japanese history. Not sure how frequent MMOs launch there and how popular the genre is in that region.

  2. I really want to see what Dragon Quest X will be like on Wii U. I’m hoping it will be brought to North America, because that might be the MMO to get me to try MMOs. The only other online game I had really fangasmed over was Rockman Online, but I have no idea how that’s progressing. To my knowledge, Capcom hasn’t given it the axe yet, but that’s probably because development was outsourced to a Korean company for it–it was meant mostly for the Korean MMO market, but it was announced for Japan as well.

    1. My first MMO was World of Warcraft, as I wrote the other day, and I’m really enjoying my time with it. I can completely understand why so many people have devoted over 7 years to the title, as it just never stops growing. The amount of things to see and do take years to accomplish. If a Dragon Quest an match that, I’ll literally be ALL over that.

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