Time to Build that New Computer

I’ve been talking about building a new computer for the past few months.  I had no choice but to take a very dangerous route when it comes to building this new computer.  I did what’s called a “specials” build.  That means essentially I waited for each and every component to be on sale before picking it up.  The problem with that is should any of these parts be faulty (which is roughly 2% of all components) then I’ll have to deal with the OEM and not the retailer itself.  So wish me luck there.

To begin, I made a little video discussing why I am building this new computer, and why you might be so inclined to do so yourself.

The next videos will focus on the nine core components, how to actually put it all together, and maybe a bit on software.  Keep in mind this will not be a how-to guide, it’s simply a video series on my build and my build alone.  If you have any questions or would like some advice, there will be a place and time for that during the process so fear not.  I simply want to show everyone how simple it is to build a really powerful computer for relatively inexpensive.  Of course this build of mine is anything but inexpensive as I’m building a top tier gaming PC, but more on that shortly ;)

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