Metal Gear Solid: Grounds Zeros Unveiled

We’re not supposed to have this report up, in fact no one is supposed to even know this game was officially announced.  Thanks for the glorious power of social media, and people’s natural reaction to spoil the surprise for others, we now know that Kojima-san (MGS creator) revealed a brand new game running on the new FOX engine, called Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros.  The game is currently running on a current-gen PC, meaning it will hit next-generation consoles.  It’s said to be an open-world MGS game and looks utterly amazing.  Famitsu has the very first piece of artwork from the game, which you’ll find below.

Pretty impressive wouldn’t you say?  I’m starting to think next-gen games are going to look out of this world detailed. That’s all we know at this point in time, and the info is entirely based on Twitter feeds so we’l have to wait for Konami to make an official announcement here, hopefully soon.  I’d love to see the real-time demo they showed in Japan because right now everyone is saying the exact same thing “wow”.

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