Sony Officially Announces Killzone Trilogy

If there’s one collection I’ve been hoping turns out to be true, it’s this one.  I was a really big fan of the original Killzone on the PlayStation 2, and have been wanting an HD remake for some time now.  Well it looks like my prayers have been answered as today Sony officially announced Killzone Trilogy for the PlayStation 3.  It includes an HD remake of the original, parts 2 and 3, and all three map packs released for the PS3 installments.

Included Map Packs:

  • Steel & Titanium Map Pack
  • Flash & Thunder Map Pack
  • Napalm & Cordite Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 From The Ashes Map Pack

The entire collection will set you back $39.99 in North America (Oct. 23rd) and €49.99/£40.84 in Europe (Oct. 24th).  I leave you with the official announcement trailer.

I’ve got to ask, what do you all think of these collection Sony has been releasing lately? Personally I think this is a great idea because for anyone who is just jumping on-board the PS3 bandwagon, what better way to experience all these gems than via excellent budget-friendly collections?

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