Tomorrow All Wii U Launch Details Will Be Revealed

Reggie has a special message for you all.

I’ll be covering the event and post all the official launch details tomorrow. While the Japanese news breaks earlier I won’t be reporting on that info because the pricing and launch info might be slighter different by region.

After what feels like an eternity, we’re finally going to get some concrete launch info on the Wii U.  This is about the most exciting time, right before a shiny new console launches :)

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow All Wii U Launch Details Will Be Revealed”

    1. I’m curious what you think the date and price will be Pat. I’m saying it’ll hit mid-November as per usual (GCN and Wii did). and the pricing will be $299.99. I think those are pretty safe bets myself. The pricing is what will make or break this system short-term, and $300 seems really fair for what they’re offering. Outside of that, I really want to hear more about the software because right now Pikmin 3 is an upscaled Wii game, New Super Mario Bros. Wii U is a Wii game, and Nintendoland isn’t my cup of tea so I need something to look forward to damn it!

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