So What Do You Think of the Wii U Now?

Now that we know all the details, what do you think of the initial launch details of the Wii U?  I think the difference between the basic and deluxe bundles are well worth the extra $50.  I was right on the money with my guess about the November 18th launch, which fits what Nintendo has done in the past, and I think New Super Mario Bros. U looks great.  While I still say it’s playing it a bit safe, for $350 the Wii U looks more compelling to me now than it did at E3 a few months back.  I think including Nintendo Land was a very smart move because it’s just a bit too casual-oriented for the core to purchase on its own.  I also really enjoyed what I saw with Nintendo TVii.  That’s intriguing because it connects so many different services together in one simple to use package.

Nintendo says there will be 50 games released between November 18th and the end of March 2012, but my concern is that virtually all of these games have already been released or will be available on other platforms.  For example, Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, Darksiders II, etc. have already been released, and if you own a PlayStation 3 and/or Xbox 360 are you willing to give up your friends for the Wii U version?  This is one of the biggest hurdles facing the Wii U at launch, but thanks to a new Mario I think it will do very well this year.

Looking towards the future I’m pleased to see Nintendo actively trying to court third parties.  It’s nice to see them publish Bayonetta 2, and who knows what else is coming up in the pipeline.  I personally really want to see what Nintendo has in-store for us from their first-party studios.

As of right now I think they nailed the price-point for what they’re offering.  $350 for a system that offer HD videogame, an interesting entertainment hub, and an intriguing online network on top of the extra storage plus Nintendo Land mean I believe I’ll be there on day one.  The question is, will you?

4 thoughts on “So What Do You Think of the Wii U Now?”

  1. Nothing changed… it’s still a system releasing later this year that should’ve been at the same time as the PS3 and the X360…
    As soon as the PS4 and the 720 are announced, everyone will see this new Nintendo console as last gen.

    1. Ultimately that’s their biggest hurdle moving forward. How can they go toe-to-toe with Sony and MS when they were unable to do so with the Wii. I think they’re making some smart moves by offering some different experiences to get lots of people on-board this holiday season, but will it be enough to convert the hardcore? I wish we would have seen some more Nintendo franchises because I’m still not 100% convinced Nintendo can make a true HD experience from the ground up, that will compare with what’s already out there. No disrespect to the Big N or anything, but they are an entire generation behind the competition now. They have to take games like BioShock and expand on experiences like that, and if they do then they should have no problem moving forward. They already have some mad talented studios like Retro, but we need to see the fruits of their labor first.

  2. I’m willing to get a Wii U. Sure, the PS4 and 720 will probably be more powerful. But I’m excited for the games and possibilities here. I see it the same way as the Wii. Xbox 360 and PS3 are more powerful, but that didn’t stop me from loving Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Muramasa, Zack & Wiki, Xenoblade, etc. I’m betting great games, interesting concepts and ideas, and fun times will be on this console. I feel Nintendo is usually a safe bet, and now that they’re finally entering into online and HD realms, I’m hopeful for what they can do.

    Bayonetta 2 is a day one buy from me. I still say Bayonetta is probably the best 3rd person action game from this console generation, so I’m excited. Plus some of the new features look really interesting.

    (Sorry not posting frequently, adjusting to work and school, lol. Hopefully get some more time for some articles to post soon.)

    1. Personally I’m onboard for Mario alone. Love me some Mario. I will admit the inner fanboy inside me wants this system to rule, but when I look at it now there are only a few titles that really have my interest, namely Mario, Pikmin 3, ZombiU, and Rayman. There simply isn’t enough games out there that have me going nuts just yet. I’ll be there day one for sure because a brand new Mario is launching a Nintendo system. What’s not to love about that? Going to relive some classic moments from my childhood I’m sure :)

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