Wii U “Entertainment” Turns into Nintendo TVii

Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon and even Tivo will all be part of the new entertainment ensemble Nintendo has put together. So how does this work? Basically you use your Wii U GamePad in order to access your Favorites, TV, Movies, Sports, and Search functions from your available digital sources including live TV, your Netflix account, etc. You can also record live TV via your Tivo. All of this comes together seamlessly to make a really compelling entertainment package. You can easily search for your favorite shows, and customize it so that you only watch and record the television programs you’re interested in. These favorites save to your Mii, so if someone else signs in, everything changes to their account.

International movie database and other entertainment sites will be built-in for review purposes. You can also watch movie trailers directly from the GamePad. Sports are also featured, and are extremely detailed as you would imagine showcasing where the game currently is, when it gives, etc. All of this is directly connected to your available sources, which is ultra handy.

The GamePad also comes with a really neat remote, which easily allows you to find MTV and HBO, for example.

Facebook, Twitter and Miiverse are also fully built-in, which allow you to comment on certain TV shows, movies or sports. You can also backtrack if you’re coming into a live show late to see what you missed and what others are saying about the show. This would be extremely useful for sporting events.

Nintendo TVii looks like it will try something really different in the entertainment space.  There’s no additional costs associated with Nintendo TVii, and it ships with both SKUs.

3 thoughts on “Wii U “Entertainment” Turns into Nintendo TVii”

  1. Yeah Tim for sure. I think this is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the Wii U. This is the sort of stuff that appeals to a very wide audience because it changes the whole status of the console. I for one already have everything running through my PC so it defeats the purpose, however I’m extremely niche. For everyone else this helps them bring all their services together in a very simple-to-use interface and adds to it by actually being useful. The sports app itself looks great. No longer will I have to worry about missing some big plays, when I can simply see what happened a few minutes earlier. if I’m running a little late.

    What would make this even better is if you could use an external HDD as your own PVR for game recording. I know the cable companies would never allow you to record digital TV, but there are ways around that. Think though, imagine if you could capture your own video feeds of games and then upload those directly to YouTube. How awesome would that be? Steam is almost there so Nintendo would have to hurry in order to be the first, but damn I would love that. Ever since I built this new PC I’ve been using Steam like a mofo and I LOVE being able to capture images by simply pressing F12. I mean, what’s not to love about that? I have TONS from my play-through of Portal 2 and Crysis. This is what I plan to use for my Borderlands 2 review as well because you can see actual 1080p images taken directly from the game.

    Ok that’s enough, that was a mouthful lol.

  2. This is kinda of cool, but a feature I will most likely never touch. I don’t even have cable in my room haha. I really don’t watch TV at all

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