It’s Official – Sony Announces PS3 Remodel (Updated with Pics)

This is breaking news out of the Tokyo Game Show, but in Sony’s press conference they have officially announced a newly remodeled PlayStation 3.  It has 20 percent less volume and 25 percent less weight compared to the current PS3 Slim.  Here’s the breakdown for pricing and availability per region.

North America

  • 250GB – $269 (Bundle Only) – September 25th
  • 500GB – $299 – October 30th

Europe and PAL Territories

  • Flash Memory 12GB – 229 Euros – October 12th
  • 500GB – 299 Euros – September 28th


  • 250GB – 24,900 Yen – October 4th
  • 500GB – 29,800 Yen – October 4th

Currently this is all the information to go by, but I’ll update with more once I have it, like what’s included in that 250GB model for the North American market.  I’ve got to admit that as of right now these price points seem a little high for this late in the game.  I’ll reserve full judgement until I find out all the details, but $269 is rather steep for a five year old console, wouldn’t you agree?


Here’s what the new system looks like.

Let me start by saying that it is very clear Sony is doing whatever it can to cut costs with this new design.  This system doesn’t even include an optical bay like the other systems, instead you take the right portion of the top there that says PS3, and slide it left to open.  We went from a super sexy and sleek system to something…less so.  I’m usually a big fan of Sony designs, but this really looks cheap in my personal opinion.

We also have confirmed on what’s included in that new bundle I mentioned above.  It features UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception: Game of the Year Edition and a voucher for more than $30 worth of bonus digital content for DUST 514.

That’s about all that Sony announced at their press conference outside mentioning that the PS Plus service will be hitting the Vita this November and that existing PS Plus members will automatically receive the goodies on the Vita.  In other words, pay for one subscription and you gain access to the digital goods on both platforms.

5 thoughts on “It’s Official – Sony Announces PS3 Remodel (Updated with Pics)”

  1. I dislike how they keep the same price and “justify” it with a bigger HDD. We don’t need a bigger HDD, we want a cheaper price!!

    1. Agreed. Price is a bit too steep in this day and age, and while having a 12 GB model is a smart strategy, it’s not efficient given the install data that the PS3 is known for, unlike the 360’s 8GB model which is a lot more practical.

      Not sure whether a 500GB model is smart though. I feel it’s overkill in the final year of the PS3.

      Anyway, since there’s no obvious perks for us Slim users, I’m pretty much skipping out on this one…but I know a lot of fat owners who definitely should upgrade.

  2. Check out the pics guys, I’m not so sure I’d want to upgrade to this one over the regular Slim. This one looks really cheap in comparison. I mean it has an optical door now, that seems like a step backwards for a company that excels in making sleek products.

    The pricing is also way too high for this point in time. I can buy a 160GB PS3 for $249.99 right now. Does it make much sense for the new model to actually cost $20 more??? Sure it’s a bundle, but release it as a stand-alone product for $199.99 and you’ve got yourself something smart. Like this though I really don’t see what Sony is trying to do here.

      1. I understand Sony is bleeding money as a corporation so a move like this, where they cut corners making the system as cheap to manufacture as possible and sell it at a premium, makes logical business sense. That said, from a consumer’s point of view, I just don’t see this working. The Wii U will be here within weeks, and if Sony thinks this move is going to get millions of new players to jump on-board they’re dreaming. The North American market now belongs to Microsoft, and the rest of the world has already purchased their share of the PS3.

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