Cubemen Review

Cubemen (Available exclusively on PC)
ESRB Rating: Not Rated
Number of Players: 1 to 6
Genre: Tower Defense
Publisher: Three Sprockets
Developer: Three Sprockets
Release Date: March 16th, 2012

Parent Talk: Cubemen has not been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board because it is an independent release. The game is available on Steam and Desura, and would likely get an E10+ rating because of cartoon violence. Cubemen is a tower defense game where you position your troops in such a way as to prevent enemy troops from taking over your base. Troops take the form of tiny polygonal cube men.

Plays Like: Most tower defense games work like Planets vs. Zombies where you position your troops in a fixed location on a grid to prevent incoming enemies from getting to your base. Cubemen works exactly like that except it goes one step further and adds some basic real-time strategy into the mix by allowing you to move your troops while they’re on the battlefield.

Review Basis: I played through most of the 26 single-player levels, until it got to the point where I just couldn’t proceed because I don’t have the moves like Jagger. I also tried a few Mayhem matches and some Skirmish battles.

Cubemen is a very fresh tower defense game that adds some nice RTS elements into the mix. The graphical style fits what the developer was trying to achieve perfectly. If you’re looking for a surprising tower defense game that adds in all kinds of extra features, this one is for you. It doesn’t hurt that it’s only $5 too.

The Great:

Cubemen is a fantastic, and simple to learn tower defense/RTS hybrid that’s easy to recommend at only $5.

The Good:

+ Simple to learn and easy to play. Line up your troops and protect your base, and if you need to make alterations as each new enemy wave approaches, the option is open to do.

+ Skirmish allows for two players to battle one another using the same gameplay from the single player mode. Essentially both players try to protect their bases, while simultaneously trying to take over the opposing base.

+ Mayhem is an up to six-player variation of Skirmish. Each three-person team protects their bases while trying to take over the three enemy bases.

+ The fun is figuring out which troops to place against incoming enemies. Do you use the troops with machine-guns, rockets, lasers, etc. As you collect resources (done by destroying incoming enemies) you unlock more powerful troops, but often it’s not worth waiting for the upgrade.

+ The audio visual presentation may not be for everyone, but the rocking soundtrack and crisp clear graphics go a long way in giving the game a retro feel without making it feel dated. Three Sprockets did a really bang up job with this one.

The So-So:

+/- Might be a little too simple for some. There’s really not much to Cubemen once you learn which troops to use under different situations. The additional multiplayer modes go a long way in helping break up the monotonous feeling, but some players may think it’s just a tad too simple.

+/- I think there was a bit of a missed opportunity by not allowing players to have access to a map editor. I can imagine the community going nuts being able to built their own unique levels.

The Bad:

– The tutorial isn’t quite as robust as I would have liked, in terms of explaining all the different troops and how they should be used.

The Ugly:

Pixel guts everywhere! Ok, they’re just dots but still one can imagine ;)

The Lowdown:

For $5, Cubemen is an excellent tower defense real-time strategy hybrid that offers hours of fun. It’s also a robust and feature-rich release, which is extremely surprising considering the low asking price. It’s currently available on Steam and Desura for those interested, and after reading this review you should be very interested!

Final Score: 8.5/10

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    1. It was actually part of a $10 indie bundle Tim, so you might be interested in the whole bundle. It came with 6 other games. I think I’m going to start actually reviewing the entire bundles instead of each individual game.

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