Japan’s Taste In Gaming Has Gone Full Mobile

I always find it interesting to take a look at the statistics for different gaming events.  For example, how many console games were shown at E3 in relation to dedicated portable gaming devices and then compare that to all the mobile offerings shown.  While I don’t have those results in front of me right now, I do have the latest stats from the Tokyo Game Show thanks to IGN, and they paint a very clear picture.  The Japanese market is very much into portable, especially of the mobile kind.  Below you will find a list of all the different titles being shown per platform.

iOS/Android Phones & Tablets: 365
Other smartphones: 142
PlayStation 3: 57
Nintendo 3DS: 34
PC: 32
PSP: 30
PlayStation Vita: 24
Xbox 360: 24
Wii: 5
Wii U: 2

That’s pretty amazing wouldn’t you say?  Tablets and smartphones dominate right the market, which would explain the huge decline in console sales over the past four or five years.  It’s also surprising to see so few third party Wii U titles given the platform is brand spanking new, so you’d think third parties would want to get people excited for what they have coming down the pipe.  Another telling sign is how there were more PSP games shown than there were Vita games.  Sony’s really having a rough job with the Vita, and that’s extremely surprising considering all the success the platform saw in Japan.  Alas, the lack of software is truly its biggest issue.

So what do you all think of this?  It’s clearly a sign that the Japanese market is becoming more and more portable, which we’ve seen happening for at least the past four years.  If the trend continues there won’t be very many console owners left.

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