So What Can Players Expect From Mists of Pandaria?

It’s a question that comes up fairly often, and considering the latest expansion to World of Warcraft gets released next Tuesday, the 25th of September, I thought I’d show you all a video that helps answer it.

If that doesn’t get the ol’ bloody pumping, nothing will.

2 thoughts on “So What Can Players Expect From Mists of Pandaria?”

  1. Just wait until you see the zones and expan live man!!! The new areas are amazing, and I can’t wait for the pvp content and even raiding! Good times are ahead for sure my friend, and you will be there from DAY ONE too!!!

    1. Yeah I’m looking forward to seeing everyone together, doing raids, finishing up all the quests and gaining access to those beautiful dragon mounts. In all it should be a really wicked couple of weeks. I wonder how long it will take for my Monk to hit 90, before I go back with my Druid. Either way, very excited for next Tuesday. I’ve already got my plan of action set, going to create my monk, finish the starting area and try to hit level 25 on Tuesday by doing all the early dungeons. I need to do some research on the talent trees and figure out which gear works best for a monk.

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