Wii Shaves $20 Off The Price

From $149.99 to $129.99, the new Wii bundle will be available on October 28th and includes the black GameCube backwards compatible-less Wii console and Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort on one disc.  Normally price cuts are huge news, but given how late in the game this one is, we’re not all that excited.  In fact, I pose a question to all of you reading this, exactly who is this price drop geared towards?  Let’s be honest with each other, you have a Wii, I have a Wii, and yes, our parents have a Wii too.  So I can’t imagine anyone who has been sitting on the sidelines for years saying “wow I wish Nintendo would shave $20 off the asking price so I could jump in.”  Know what I mean?  Seems a little confusing if you ask me.

The other curious part of this move is that it actually gives Wii U competition in a bizarre sort of way.  For the three people out there that don’t own a Wii, this might look a little more inviting than a Wii U, which retails for $349.99 (Deluxe set) on November 18th.  It just seems like a weird move, and strange timing is all.  Why didn’t Nintendo do this right before Skyward Sword launched for example, instead of right before their next home console?

Whatever the reasoning behind this move, it’s always good when consoles reduce in price because it allows more people to pick them up.  So is there anyone out there that plans to pick up a Wii that wouldn’t before?

4 thoughts on “Wii Shaves $20 Off The Price”

  1. I guess this drop is only for the people who can’t affrord the Wii U just yet and want their gaming fix. There’s always bound to be an audience out there, especially since the Wii has amassed a strong library of titles as of late. The fact that it’s not GameCube compatible is very crippling though. A ton of Wii and Wii VC games support the GameCube controller, which is argubly the best designed controller of all time.

  2. The only logical reason I can think of for the price drop is that they’ve been left with a surplus of Wiis which will rot away in a warehouse if they don’t start burning off the remainder of their stock before the Wii U rises to the forefront. One would imagine they’ve largely shut down production of the console at this point and I doubt it will live on like the PS2 did. It’s definitely puzzling why they didn’t drop it to the magic $99, though.

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