Jarrod’s Drool is Toxic! -50 HP! Hero’s Turn: Dragon Quest VII 3DS Remake Confirmed [Updated]!

It was bound to happen. Traditionally, Dragon Quest games in Japan alternate between a full fledged sequel and a remake of a past installment. We’re up to DQVI in terms of remakes, released on the DS just last year. Here’s arguably the biggest installment of all time, remade on the 3DS. Release date: February 2013 in Japan. That’s pretty close.

Unlike the trilogy of remakes on the DS, the image on the left shows that DQVII’s conversion is going 3D and polygonal. For your background information, the DS remakes use a pre-existing engine which powered up the original DQVII on the PS1. Ironically, DQVII’s remake breaks the tradition by using what seems to be a new engine…which will definitely enhance the visuals a lot. That’s long overdue considering the PS1 version was butt ugly in my opinion. I’m not a visual person and enjoy trying any game as long as it’s good, but when I first saw DQVII playing in stores, I detested the visuals so much…and that’s coming from someone who had just played and got to know Enix through Star Ocean: The Second Story and Valkyrie Profile. Apparently according to our head honcho and resident DQ buff Jarrod Nichol, I missed out on a classic.

Well no more! This game has a very high chance of hitting international waters considering Nintendo of America’s dedication to the series as of late. Here’s hoping there’s some sort of announcement early next year…with an English version of Dragon Quest X for the Wii U I might add!

For now, we’ll keep you occupied with Jarrod’s retrospective video of the PS1 classic. Enjoy!






Update 10/31/2012: More news trickles after the initial announcement. ArtePiazza is confirmed as the developer so you know it’s in good hands. They’ve been hands-on with DQ remakes since 1996’s DQIII for the SNES and they’ve been responsible for the last trilogy of remakes for the DS. My analysis is that the engine they’re using for DQVII’s remake is based on the one from DQV’s remake for the PS2, because the art-style looks so similar. Also, the soundtrack will be fully orchestrated! Gotta love me some DQ music. Finally, new content and StreetPass features will be integrated into the main backbone. As if DQVII doesn’t need any additional content. The PS1 original is already freakin’ huge as Jarrod has said so many times.


2 thoughts on “Jarrod’s Drool is Toxic! -50 HP! Hero’s Turn: Dragon Quest VII 3DS Remake Confirmed [Updated]!”

  1. Best news ever! They’re a generation late, but who cares! Typically remakes happened on the following console, so DQ 1, 2, and 3 were all released on the Famicom and their remakes hit the Super Famicom. 4 Moved onto the PS1, and 5 the PS2, so we all assumed 6 would hit the PS3 or equivalent, but that never happened. Instead we got new remakes of 4, 5, and 6 on the DS, which were all excellent by the way. Anyways, this is wonderful news, just :D worthy news lol.

    What boggles my mind is how they were able to get this done so fast. This must have been in the works for a bloody long time. DQ VII is one of the longest RPGs of all time, and features dozens of different classes (jobs) got players to select. You guys are going to LOVE this game. Can’t wait for this one, and damn Nintendo for making the 3DS region locked!

    I hope we get this ASAP, and I hope Nintendo teams up with Square-Enix and gets the ball rolling on Dragon Quest X for the Wii U.

  2. This is awesome news! I still have my copy of Dragon Warrior VII on the PS1, but I’d love to have a remake. I adored the remakes of IV, V, and VI on the DS and have poured a lot of time into all three. I have to wonder if those games performed well here. I would imagine that VII would be coming here given the new-found appreciation for the series here, plus it would fill the RPG void currently on the 3DS.

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