Dance Central 3 Review

Dance Central 3 (Available exclusively on Xbox 360)
ESRB Rating: T
Number of Players: 1 to 8
Genre: Dance
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Harmonix
Release Date: October 16th, 2012

Parent Talk: While the game is rated T for teen because of lyrics and mild suggestive themes, I’d say the only reason young players can’t tackle this one is because some of the dance routines can be rather complex. Stringing together move after move might be a little more than the little ones can comprehend, that is unless you’ve got the next Michael Jackson at home.

Plays Like: Have you played either of the previous two Dance Central games? If so, you know exactly what to expect here. The core gameplay remains the same, except new upgrades and tons of new songs have been added to make this a worthy installment. Basically you follow on-screen dance moves and let loose.

Review Basis: Played for hours, and tried all the different modes.

I’m a huge fan of this series. I’ve got the moves like Jagger, and love to shake my rear-end whenever I get the chance. This was a no-brainer pick-up for me, and if you’ve been following the series I think you’ll feel exactly like I do. It rules!

The Great:

Of all the new features, the one I love the most is Party Time. This mode basically shuffles songs and gameplay modes on the fly. The best part of all though comes from a new two-player freestyle mode where you basically try to dance to the beat of some random song. The game looks at both players and determines who is more accurately dancing to the beat and awards a better score. The other player can then try to steal your moves or up the ante in other ways.

The Good:

+ Easy mode acts as a perfect tutorial so even if you move like a brick, there’s fun to be had. I found the hard mode to be especially complex this year, which is wonderful as it means you’ll be coming back for more.

+ Same wonderful gameplay system returns. Cards appear on the right side showing you the next move to perform. You simply follow along, OK maybe it’s not that simple. Sometimes it’s extremely complicated learning how to string different moves together so they flow properly.

+ Having trouble performing a step, a new feature in rehearsal mode shows your body alongside the in-game character, which is a superb way of showing where you went wrong.

+ Dance crazes are amazing. Harmonix turned the clock back and took several dance crazes from the 70s to today, making the game even more appealing than ever before. You’ll be dancing the Macarena with the best of ’em before you know it.

+ Pay 400 MS points to download the songs from Dance Central or Dance Central 2 (it’s 400 points per disc) to DC 3. What if you already paid, well you don’t need to pay again ;) That’s an excellent deal in my book. Yes, I changed my tone from last year, too bad.

+ The best soundtrack yet. I love the hits included from the previous decades, even more than I like the new songs. I mean come on, Ice Ice Baby is included. How can you not love this game?

+ Story and Perform modes are both back and better than ever. Looking for a silly storyline to follow, or just want to jump in and dance, the option is yours.

The Lowdown:

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this game. It’s the absolute best at what it does. It’s the quintessential party game, and one everyone should break out during the holiday season. If you own the other two parts, even better because you can add more songs to the mix. This is the reason the Kinect exists, and this is the reason why you should race out and pick one up if you don’t already own one.

Final Score: 9/10

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