PS3 Surpasses 70 Million Units Sold

Today Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the PS3 has sold over 70 million units worldwide.  This is of particular interest because the Xbox 360 just passed the same number not one month ago, meaning the gab is almost closed between the two consoles.  While we never take sides of which is the better system, I will say that this news is really surprising for an entirely different reason.  This generation marks the very first time in gaming history that each of the three competitors sold so incredibly well.  Sure the Wii came out on top with over 90 million units sold worldwide, but having the next two come in at 70 million is staggering.  In total over 230 million consoles were sold this gen, and that’s something to be very proud of for everyone!

Sony also revealed the Move controller has sold 15 million units, and that over 595 million pieces of software have been sold for the PS3.  Not so surprising, but Sony failed to reveal any Vita information.  I say this because everyone knows the system has been struggling since launch.

So let’s end this off with a big congrats on one of the strangest videogame generations ever.  We saw the death of the third party exclusive, the rise of casual gaming, and apparently the rise of a marketplace that can support three competitors.

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