World of Warcraft Turns 8

Eight years ago Blizzare released the much delayed World of Warcraft.  It would go on to spawn four expansion, and over twelve million subscribers worldwide.  It has had its ups and downs, but for one reason or another remains the dominate, and most played, MMO ever created.  Blizzard wanted to say thanks to all those who have been around since day one, or are like me and only now getting into the game, by releasing a compilation video highlighting some of the game’s key moments.  So sit back and enjoy.

It’s funny how much I have been enjoying my time with this game over the past few months.  Sure it’s not for everyone, and yes at times it feels like one giant grind, but there’s something to be said for the feeling you get when you take down a boss with 39 other players, or go through a dungeon with 24 people backing you up.  These situations are a first for me, and have completely changed my look at what it means to create a videogame with heavy multiplayer options.  Should all games become MMOs, heck no, but I’ll admit that this has opened my eyes to certain franchises which could benefit from experimenting with some of these elements.

Raids in particular are something I have become increasingly interested in.  These play out like your typical Zelda dungeons except instead of having large, complex puzzle built into the dungeons themselves, the bosses act as the puzzle.  In these areas groups of ten or 25 have to figure out different strategies for taking down a behemoth.  Keep in mind that some of these enemies have over 250 million hit points, while you’re cruising at just over 300 thousand.  Cooperative teamwork is the only way to overcome these challenges and there’s nothing else out there that compares, that I’ve played.  Everyone knows I love cooperative gameplay in my first-person shooters, or anything else for that matter, which is why these raids really struck a chord with me.  It’s the ultimate form of co-op.  Typically one screw-up means the entire party is wiped (dead).  That means you might have to tackle the same boss for hours, but the feeling of accomplishment you get when said boss finally goes down is incredible.

So that’s my little WoW story, but I’m sure you guys have way more than I do.  So let’s hear them.  For all those that have played the game at one point or another, what are your key memories?

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  1. Oh the memories from the older videos of WoW, and now the new ones! I’m having a blast with MoP and so are you, Jarrod!!! If only you were there from day one old man ;)

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