Nintendo Reveals $99 Wii Mini – Exclusive to Canada

I’ll admit I was really perplexed when Nintendo dropped the price of the Wii right before the Wii U launched.  It seemed odd to shave only twenty dollars or so off the price, instead of lowering it to $99.  Now we know why the company did that, or at least we do for one territory.  Today Nintendo introduced a completely remodeled Wii, called the Wii Mini and to be honest, it looks awesome.  Coming in at only $99, it features no Internet connection, no backwards compatibility with GameCube, and doesn’t work with every Wii accessory, but we’re told it works with most.  That may not sound overly compelling, but the idea is that this machine was designed for those looking for playing Wii games, and Wii games alone.  There are currently over 1,400 available disc-based games.  While I admit it sucks not having access to the Virtual Console, or WiiWare, this is an interesting idea.  Getting new Wii players on-board at the lowest possible price and with a really sleek console.  The most surprising announcement is that the system is exclusive to Canada.  This is what the final line in the press release says:

Wii Mini is available exclusively in Canada during the holiday season. No information is available about its potential availability in other territories in the future.

I’m shocked, what about you?

Ok so now I’m sure you’re all wondering what the new machine looks like, well wonder no more!

We even have a picture of the retail box for your viewing pleasure.

So what do you all think of this move?  Are you as surprised as I am that this is a Canadian exclusive?  What about the removal of any Internet support?  I want to know your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals $99 Wii Mini – Exclusive to Canada”

  1. Perhaps the holiday launch of the console is exclusive to Canada, not the console itself. Maybe that’s what they meant. Because the product itself is too enticing to be a Canadian-exclusive.

    Anyway, it’s a nice concept for a specific audience out there. It’s a logical move for those who do not own a Wii yet for some reason….neither are they interested in the Internet support. I am perplexed that they decided to completely remove the latter option in favor of having it compatible with the Ethernet dongle. That would’ve been a much bolder move. Maybe they just want to kill the concept of homebrew entirely with it without changing much of the hardware? You know, a cost-effective way to eliminate homebrew. Curious to see if those hackers can crack this thing open, but if there is no Internet support whatsoever then it’s useless to even try.

    I probably will get it somewhere down the line if I have extra cash lying around. Sounds like an easier way to move around your console from place to place just in case friends want to play Wii games only. Or I can just own it for the sake of it.

  2. Oh yeah for sure Ahmed. There’s no way this will be 100% exclusive, no one does that, not for a complete remodel like this. I just wanted the article to be like WOW who would have thought lol. Anyways, this is aimed, as you said, directly at a very specific audience and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t know how many people will jump on-board, but either way it sure looks nice.

  3. I’d be surprised if it remains exclusive, but I have to say, I’m pretty surprised. I thought the Wii was “mini” enough as it is, lol. This is pretty neat though, I think that a cheaper model like this will probably be nice for certain families and younger gamers. I don’t think I’ll get this just because I don’t think I’ll have the money for it, but it’s always fun to pick up consoles just as conversation pieces or to have in your collection.

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