Steambox Official – Coming After 2013

We’ve known since mid-last year that Valve was trying to bridge the gap between gaming PCs and consoles. Today we now have confirmation that Valve’s Steambox will indeed be shipping sometime after 2013. We also learned at CES that the company is actively working alongside a wide range of partners in order to bring Steam to as many people as possible.

One such partner is Xi3, which specializes in modular PCs.  What the heck does that mean, well take a look at the following video.

It’s an interesting concept, no?  Being able to separate the computer’s motherboard into sections allows one to change out solely the CPU, for example, without having to replace the entire board, which is what makes computers out of date so quickly.  It’s also possible to change out the input/output interface, allowing for updates for future versions of USB, Firewire, etc.

While I love the concept, I love having a full gaming tower, and being able to alter or change anything I want.  Sure it sucks when I have to change-out the entire motherboard, but at the same time I much rather have my GTX 680 in my machine, than a mobile graphics card.  The thing is that not a lot of people are comfortable doing this, so modular PCs may be the future for that section of the market.

Valve’s idea is to bridge the gap between consoles and PCs, and ideas like this are indeed forward thinking.  Are any of you curious to learn more about the Steambox and exactly what it might bring to the industry?

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