Ten Predictions For 2013

During the beginning of the year I like to sit down and think of some bold and exciting predictions for the months ahead. This year is looking like it will be an extremely exciting one for videogames because of new hardware, and tons of new software. While some of the predictions might not seem as earth-shattering as they could, I hope you enjoy them just the same. Be sure to leave some comments to let us know what you think will happen during the course of the year.

#1 New hardware from Sony and Microsoft will be revealed at E3 2013.

During this year’s E3 you will see a new Xbox and a new PlayStation. Count on it, it’s a sure bet. Why am I so confident, simple, take a look at the release schedule for this year. We don’t know of a single big game coming out after the summer. Usually we know ahead of time what might slip, or what certain developers are working on, but we haven’t heard a single thing. All we know is that Star Wars 1313 and Watch Dogs both look way too good to be on current gen tech.

#2 Nintendo reveals a new entry in the Legend of Zelda series and a new 3D Mario.

Nintendo doesn’t want to be out-shined at E3 by Microsoft and Sony, so I expect the big N to reveal a brand new Zelda and a new 3D Mario. I don’t really expect either to be playable at the big show, but I do expect official announcements.

#3 The next World of Warcraft expansion will be announced at Blizzcon 2013.

This isn’t really a prediction as if we look at history, Blizzard has always done this. I don’t have a clue what the new expansion would be about, but have been enjoying Mists of Pandaria greatly, so I hope they continue with the current trend.

#4 Halo 5 will be teased at Microsoft’s E3 press conference for the successor to the Xbox.

I’d love to say it will be a launch title for the next system, but that seems like wishful thinking considering the new developer only just finished 4. Then again, stranger things have happened. We’ve heard rumors in the past that Microsoft was looking to release Halo games faster than before so maybe they’ll shock the world and have it ready for day 1.

#5 Guerrilla Games, and Sucker Punch will both have PS4 launch titles.

Both studios have been on radio silence for too long now. Since we didn’t see them last year, I’m now convinced that they’re both working on PS4 launch titles. Sony won’t want to repeat the mistakes they made with the PlayStation 3 launch, and want to come out strong with impressive looking/playing software.

#6 Both PS4 and the next Xbox will have at least one SKU which will retail for $399.99.

Both companies need to keep their respective prices as low as possible, especially since the Wii U retails for $349.99 for the deluxe model. The economy is still in the crapper, and people just aren’t going to spend $599.99 on a videogame platform anymore.

#7 Valve officially announces Half-Life 3.

A man can dream, can he not?

#8 PlayStation Vita sees a price-drop before year’s end.

This goes without saying. Sony needs to do something to get the platform into people’s hands and right now a price-drop is about the only way that’s going to happen.

#9 Insomniac’s Fuse bombs, and the company goes back to being primarily a Sony-exclusive developer.

I wish the boys and girls at Insomniac all the best, but the way their first third party game is shaping up, it looks like it has critical success, commercial failure written all over it. I can see them announcing a re-commitment to Sony short there-after.

#10 A Link to the Past is officially revisited with either a remake or a sequel.

It’s been rumored for the 3DS, and I’ll go ahead and say that’s what’s going to happen. Nintendo is going to develop an all-new Zelda game in the spirit of that fan-favorite entry in the series. It will go on to sells millions.

2 thoughts on “Ten Predictions For 2013”

  1. Great predictions here, Jarrod. Taking them altogether seems like the stuff of dreams but at the same time they all seem quite likely to come true. Except maybe Half-Life 3. :P I’m really hoping for a couple big Wii U announcements so that I can use the system for something other than streaming Youtube videos on my TV.

    1. I personally expect the Wii U to remain quiet for most of 2013, only because of how little we know. We know there will be Pikmin 3 at some point early on in the year, but after that it’s radio silence. I’m fairly certain Mario and Zelda will show up at E3 in one form or another, but I really don’t know what Nintendo will actually be able to ship this year. Let’s hope they hold a few more press conferences before E3 or else this is going to be similar to the N64, where we went months with no new software.

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