Resident Evil Revelations Officially Announced For Home Consoles

Looks like the rumors were true, Resident Evil Revelations will be coming out on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC on May 21 for $50.  Notice how the PlayStation Vita isn’t mentioned.  I found that particularly interesting because one would assume Sony would be doing whatever it could to keep the Vita relevant.  I’m currently putting the finishing touches on an article which basically says that this is the year that will either make or break the fledgling portable.  Sony has to convince players great new software will be hitting the system, and they also have to show third parties that they can move more units.  This year’s E3 won’t give the publisher much time for the Vita either since they’re likely going to showcase the PlayStation 4 (Orbis).  Anyways, for all those that never played the excellent game before, now’s your chance.

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