Tons of Wii U News For U

Let’s start off with the biggest news first. This year’s E3 is going to be insane. Nintendo has announced an HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, an all new Zelda, which will throw away series conventions like doing dungeons in a linear fashion, and will likely include multiplayer. They also announced a brand new 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Land, and so much more. I’ve included the 30-odd minute presentation below.

Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Trailer

Monolith Soft Trailer

Pretty impressive news wouldn’t you say? There are so many cool looking games they’ve announced from Yoshi’s Land, to this new Monolith RPG that if you don’t yet own a Wii U, it might be time to fix that.

So what are you all excited about?

2 thoughts on “Tons of Wii U News For U”

  1. Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei together? Who saw that one coming? Either way, sounds awesome! Also, Monolith’s new game looks amazing!! Plus with Bayonetta 2, I’m excited.

  2. What pisses me off the most is the reveal that there will be GBA games on the Wii U’s VC, but not the 3DS’s. Seriously, why the ass-backwardness here Nintendo?

    I don’t have a Wii U yet, but I don’t really know if I’ll “upgrade” any of my games to be honest. The only advantage I can see in doing so is being able to play while the TV is in use, but I have a lot of VC games and even at $1-$1.50 a pop it would end up costing quite a lot just for that privilege.

    With the Wii Shop Channel basically discontinued now (except for WiiWare, some Neo-Geo games and other oddballs), this means games like Mega Man X3 and Mega Man 6 will have to be bought on the other VCs. It’s pretty odd having MM1-MM5 on the Wii and then have to get MM6 on the 3DS just to complete the collection.

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