Here’s the PS4 Controller

By now you’ve likely seen this image.

PS4 Controller

That certainly looks legit if you ask me.  OK, it’s 100% legit based on what everyone is saying right now.  It also matches what I posted the other day about the new system.  So let’s take a closer look at what is obviously a crude and early PS4 dev kit controller.  Don’t expect the final controller to look exactly like this.  The arms of this controller aren’t even the same thickness, and that won’t fly on the retail product.

First up we can see that the analog sticks are slightly further apart and that they’re now convex instead of concave.  This makes them more like the 360 analog sticks.  There’s also the PS button right dab in the middle, and what appears to be a speaker above that.  The Wii proved a speaker in the controller could be fun at times.  Above the speaker we have the money maker, a touch pad.  At first most people say what’s the point of having a touch pad on a controller, but if the rumors about social media integration are true, imagine being able to use the touch pad to easily move a mouse around the screen.  Double-tap to activate links, etc.  Go ahead and take your PS3 controller and pretend the select, start and PS buttons were gone.  Now take your thumbs and move them around the surface as you would on a touch screen on your smartphone.  See how well that works?  I’m almost certain that’s why Sony added it to the controller.

In terms of buttons, we have the typical circle, square, triangle and X that PS made famous, but there also appears to be a button just above the newly formed d-pad.  Notice the d-pad very closely matches the one found on the PS Vita.  As for the button above the d-pad, it looks like the share button we discussed last week.  If that proves true, then what I said about the touch pad is all but confirmed.  You’ll be using it mainly as a means to easily post content to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Finally we come to the glowing light surface at the back of the controller, which appears to confirm the controller will have Move support of some kind build directly into the default controller.  At this point in time I’m not one-hundred percent certain why we would need motion controls from the standard controller, but maybe Sony is simply covering their bases.  We’ll find out on the 20th.

One last thing to talk about is what we can’t see.  It would appear the triggers have been remodeled, based on the overall thickness of the controller.  While we can’t actually see them, I really wouldn’t be surprised if they operate almost exactly like the Xbox 360 triggers do.  If anything, I believe the overall weight and feel of this controller will more closely match that of the 360’s.  That said, Sony has kept to their roots by keeping the analog origination the way it always has been, and I know for some that will be annoying.  I for one am so used to it that it doesn’t really bother me either way.

So what do you think of the controller?  Like I said before, keep in mind that the final product will be much more refined and elegant.  This simply gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of functionality.

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  1. It looks more to me like the center of the joysticks is still convex, just with a groove around the edge so that the whole thing comes off as being more flat but with a definite indicator of where the edge is.

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