New Nintendo Direct Focusing on 3DS Tomorrow

On Wednesday April 17th at 7AM PST, or 10AM EST, Nintendo will hold another one of their Nintendo Direct broadcasts discussing new features/games for the 3DS. While we have absolutely no idea what the company could disclose tomorrow, we do have a few ideas. For one thing Nintendo has said countless times they plan to bring the Miiverse to the 3DS, and tomorrow seems like a good time to update fans on the status of the app.

Switching gears to games, we already know of five 2013 games in the works from the big N including…

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (May 24th, 2013)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (June 9th, 2013)

Pokémon X and Y (October 2013)

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Q2/Q3 2013)

Mario Golf: World Tour (Q2/Q3 2013)

As you can see, two of those games are coming out in the very near future, and three we still don’t have concrete release dates for. Steven likes to think we’ll see a ton of information on Animal Crossing just to get the hype train going, but I also think we’ll get some time on DKCR as well. I’d also really love one new game to get introduced, but who knows.

We’ll have complete details and a link to the broadcast tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “New Nintendo Direct Focusing on 3DS Tomorrow”

  1. Crossing my fingers for some Zelda love. Aside from the Ocarina of Time remake, we haven’t received a proper handheld installment since Spirit Tracks. I would be okay with a Majora’s Mask remake as well.

    The 3DS line-up is looking great so far. My most anticipated title is the new Mario & Luigi installment. This series always proves to be exceptional.

    1. Yup I’d love a brand new portable Zelda as well. If all that talk about a new Zelda in the vein of ALttP proves true I will be the happiest person alive. Like you, I’d be cool with a Majora’s Mask remake as well, but obviously would prefer an entirely new installment.

      I’m not sure if I asked you this before, but are you still buying the carts or have you taken the digital plunge Ahmed? I started with NSMB2 and haven’t looked back. It’s awesome being able to have so many games on the system itself. My only fear is what will happen when I want to purchase an upgraded 3DS. Will my games be easily transferable or will be it like it is with the Wii to Wii U?

      1. I’m doing a mixture of both. Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion I downloaded through the e-Shop while the rest are cart-based. At first, e-Shop downloads for retail games would’ve been impractical in my case because Nintendo does not accept international credit cards and e-Shop pre-paid cards are expensive and hard to come by. I recently found a way to bypass this by obtaining a US-based virtual credit card which works wonders in my case. I can now lean towards downloading retail games since it’s a lot easier as you suggested. It felt great DLing Luigi’s Mansion on release day without waiting for the retails to stock it or my amazon package to pull through. My only concern is future compatibility. Let’s hope that’s easy to pull off once they enable our Nintendo accounts on the 3DS.

  2. Yeah that’s the only thing that worries me. Once we have one unified account we should be good to go. I like how I can see everything I’ve ever downloaded on my PS3 or my Vita. Makes them feel that much more connected and also makes me feel safe, even though none of the stuff I’ve bought from the PSN will work on the PS4.

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