Canadian Gamers – Episode 29: The Revenge!

It’s been almost a year since Steven and Jarrod did one of their sexy podcasts, so they figured today was as good a day as any to start them back up.  The boys talk about today’s Nintendo Direct, and touch upon a couple of big 3DS releases they’ve played recently and also a bit about the Wii U.  We hope you enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Canadian Gamers – Episode 29: The Revenge!”

  1. It’s great to see the return of this podcast, guys. Hope to see more of it! This will be another great year for the 3DS — it’s a true powerhouse. The Wii U leaves a sour taste in my mouth, though. I got one on launch, messed around with some Mii stuff and the horrendous Youtube browser, and left it to collect dust ever since. And it looks like my system will remain shelved till August 4 now. Wonderful. It’s been an absolute debacle of a console launch in every way possible and raises a lot of questions about the capabilities of Nintendo’s upper management. What exactly were they investing in while the Wii was taking the world by storm year after year?

    1. You should read my article on just that very subject Charles. It’s still on the front page titles Fool Me Once…

      I’m hoping Nintendo can turn things around with the Wii U, much as they did with the 3DS, but at this point in time they’re going to have to bring the platform everything they’ve got and more. They need all of their biggest franchises on there ASAP.

  2. Solid impressions on the Direct video, guys. Nice to see the podcast coming back. Fill us in on a certain schedule in case you guys are going to do it more frequently. Some us would like to join in the fun if the Time Zone is suitable.

    1. I am EXTREMELY interested to see where they take the story with this one. Will the Dark World still have some sort of impact or will they just use the Light World and expand it? Whatever happens I’m SO excited about this.

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