Nintendo Reveals 3DS Hardware and Software Sales

Two of the year’s biggest 3DS games finally have some sales figures attached to them.  Fire Emblem: Awakening sold 240,000 copies in the US, 80,000 of which were from the Nintendo eShop, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has sold a stunning 415,000 copies to date.  No information was given on how many copies of Luigi’s Mansion were from the eShop, but Nintendo is saying that the “bulk” of the sales were from retail.  20 million pieces of software have been sold for the 3DS in the US to date, which is mighty impressive when one considers the rough start the platform had.  The company also confirmed that 8 million systems have been sold in the US since launch.

Those Luigi’s Mansion numbers are very impressive, but I was hoping for a little more from Fire Emblem.  That’s one series that we can’t afford not to support.  Most people don’t even realize just how few games in the series are even available in North America, so be sure to pick up a copy if you haven’t done so already.  It really is an amazing game as Steven pointed out in his review.

I’d really like to hear how the Wii U has been since this year, as I’m fairly certain the numbers would be anything but impressive.  The platform simply hasn’t had the software required to move impressive numbers like the 3DS had.  Hopefully that picks up in the coming months though.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals 3DS Hardware and Software Sales”

  1. Fire Emblem was released initially in limited quantities, which is why I think over 80 000 digital copies have been sold. This is what got me into digital gaming so I’m quite glad it happened that way. However, 240 000 I feel is quite good for the Fire Emblem series. I doubt it’s ever gonna become a million seller franchise, but these numbers still give you a highly profitable game. I’d be curious as how much revenue they are making from all the dlc. With these numbers, I imagine it’s quite possible Fire Emblem might reach 500ks which would be just fantastic. Remember, only 8 million 3DS owners in North America right now. They also said that 20% of OOT’s sale last month were through digital downloads. I wonder how much that number actually means, as 20% of 10 000 isn’t that impressive, but 20% of 100 000 would. Still, these are sales that they wouldnt normally get since most gamers end up buying stuff digitally that they wouldn’t necessarily have because of the ease of access.

  2. Oh yeah for sure Steven. I didn’t mean to imply it was a bomb, only that I want more people to get into the series. My dream is to one day have a million seller FE, because the series so rightfully deserves it. As for the digital downloads, I’m also curious what the numbers are. I only reported on the numbers I had in the press release because the rest could mean virtually anything. As a whole though 3DS game sales were up 55% compared to the previous year, which is excellent news.

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