5 Things I Love and Hate About the Wii U

Things I love:

1) Miiverse! Who would have known this social media-inspired service would be so interesting to use. During any game, press the Home button on the GamePad and launch Miiverse. From there you can upload screenshots, talk to other players about the game you’re playing, ask for help, or explore and see what everyone else is up to in the Nintendo community.

2) GamePad dual functionality. Being able to actually turn on the TV, my cable box and the videogame system itself is pretty rocking. How no one else thought of this before is perplexing.

3) Off-screen gameplay is a brilliant idea. While your significant other is using the TV to watch a few programs, you can be sneaky and activate the Wii U and go ahead and play a bunch of games on the GamePad itself. She gets to enjoy her shows, and you get to put in another hour of New Super Mario Bros. U. It’s a win-win situation!

4) Wii U’s Virtual Console is by and far the best Virtual Console Nintendo has made to date. Press the ZR button to bring up restore points, and button mapping. Oh how long I’ve asked for this feature. Sure the 3DS VC allows restore points, but Nintendo missed the boat on button mapping. Not this time! Being able to play classics however I want is a true delight. No more awkward positioning to play Super Mario Bros. properly!

5) eShop rules! Being able to download whatever I want instead of having to go to a retailer to pick up games is awesome. This is one of the best features of the Wii U. Imagine not having to wait in line-ups to download the next version of Zelda. I honestly can’t wait for that day.

Things I hate:

1) The OS and everything else about the software is so SLOW. Boot up Miiverse while playing a game, or try launching a any software, it doesn’t matter what you do, the Wii U takes an eternity to get things done.

2) Nintendo appears to have copied what Sony did with the PS3 in terms of pushing out downloadable content. Not only do players have to download large files that take well over an hour, but then they have to manually go back and install said files. Nintendo Land took me over two hours to download, and over 15 minutes to install! This was cumbersome back when the PS3 launched in 2006, and is downright archaic now.

3) Battery life on the GamePad is pathetic. It’s shorter than even the original PSP’s battery life, and that’s saying something. Expect to have your GamePad plugged in VERY often, which brings me to another point…

4) Why didn’t Nintendo design the GamePad in such a way that it would be powered by being plugged directly into the Wii U? Instead I have two AC adapters just lying around waiting for my cat to chew their wires. One for the Wii U console, and one for the GamePad. Does the thing truly need that much juice?!

5) Moving your old Wii Virtual Console/WiiWare/Saved Games requires one of the most ridiculous setups I’ve ever seen. First you need to have both your Wii U and Wii on at the same time, then download a special app on your Wii U and begin the transfer process. You know, that makes perfect sense to start on the system you’re transferring to, right? Anyways, from there you download an app on your Wii, place your SD card from your Wii U into your Wii, follow the instructions on screen, then take the SD card and place it back into your Wii U. Got all that? It’s overly complex for no reason whatsoever. Had an account system been put in place back during the Wii days that incorporated ALL your Nintendo systems, this wouldn’t have been an issue. As it is now, it’s just nuts.

So there you have a very simple list of what I love and hate about the Wii U. I likely could have made this much longer, but I figured if I only put five things, you guys could come up with others. So what do you really enjoy about the Wii U, and what would you change for those things you’re not really loving?

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Love and Hate About the Wii U”

  1. Well all I’ve played so far is Mario U. Have not touched anything else. Really haven’t experimented with the system still. The gamepad is awesome in a way that you can play a game while your girlfriend watched a movie, but even when I’m playing on the TV, I always end up looking at the gamepad and playing from there, which kinds of negates the big screen tv. I’m pretty sure other games will use the screen in another way, maybe a map or something. Also, do you know if you can play using the pro controller? Or do you absolutely need the gamepad on at all times?

  2. I’ve yet to experiment with the Pro controller yet. I’ll let you know once I do. The new system update has helped to speed some things up, but I still find the OS sluggish for 1GB of dedicated OS RAM. Anyways, hoping the VC hits soon. Really want to download Punch-Out.

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