4 thoughts on “Canadian Gamers – Episode 30!”

  1. Good episode. You need to find a way to enable it for mobile though for maximum exposure. I’ve yet to go for Guacamelee, but it does look like a fine game. And SMW on VC is absolutely cool. Indeed, Miiverse is very much an Nsider with less character limits. I wish they enabled more words for real forum posts.

    As for Shadow of the Eternals, to clarify what’s going on…it is crowdsourced, but doesn’t use Kickstarter or it’s rules since Precursor is a Canadian company. It uses an extensive WordPress app that attaches to PayPal for payments. From what I gather, even if the developers don’t raise their goal, they’re allowed to keep the money donated and work with it. However, Denis said that if they’re not able to complete the game with the money raised or if the interest is poor, they will refund everyone. Personally, I REALLY want this to be made as Eternal Darkness remains my personal favorite horror game and one of the most memorable games I’ve ever played in my life. As you guys suggested, they really should find a way to launch it on VC as it is a cult classic which sold like crap. In order to promote Shadow of the Eternals even more, a VC release of the original will get people hyped up.

  2. Thanks for the clarification there Ahmed. I didn’t have all the details at the time of the recording, but yeah I hope the game is made myself. I hope they can make it because as of now it’s only at 8.8% funded with 22 days left.

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