Remembering…Super Ghouls’n Ghosts

Ah the memories of this game. Let’s start off by talking about the Super Nintendo’s launch. The glorious SNES was released on August 23rd, 1991. It was a joyous time for gamers all over North America because the SNES was the continuation of something special, the NES. For longtime NES fans, we knew we would see all our favorite series return on the SNES, albeit looking and sounding better than ever. For some series the wait would be long and painful, but for others it would be far sooner than we had anticipated.

Super GnG

Enter November 1991, and Capcom released Super Ghouls’n Ghosts, which remains my very favorite entry in the Arthur series, or GnG as most refer to the series. My history with this game actually doesn’t feature my brother this time around, but my friend Anthony. He had the game and I used to go over to his house all the time after school to play it and Super Castlevania IV. Anyways, it’s series like this that made us men. Believe me, if you think you know what it means to play a tough game, go back and play through Castlevania, Ghosts’n Goblins, and Battletoads on the NES and tell me how quickly you’re able to complete them. Playing them on the Virtual Console doesn’t count because you can use restore points, saves, etc. On the NES there was none of that. It was just you, the game, and rage…lots and lots of rage.

I had played the original Ghosts’n Goblins with my friend on the NES, and he was super excited to get his hands on the follow-up, Super GnG. Little did we know at the time that Capcom had actually released Ghouls’n Ghosts for the Sega Genesis in 1989, but that’s an entirely different story. So here we are in 1991, super excited to play through this new game from Capcom. We plunk the game into the SNES, flip the power switch and this is what we saw.

The music, the shifting stages and yes, the incredible difficulty were exactly what were anticipating, especially based on what we read in Nintendo Power. What we didn’t know was that this was a sort of remake of the original NES game, and that only made it that much better. The game looked incredible and the music was awesome. It’s funny looking back now and remembering just how excited we were for this game. No matter how much I talk about the game, or try and remember different aspects of it, I always go back to that very first stage because of just how often we had to repeat it ;)

While difficult, this version isn’t as insane as the original, and because of that the two of us were actually able to finish the game within a few weeks. All videogames seemed to take us a couple of weeks to finish back then because we were so active, actually going outside to play and whatnot. I know, it’s shocking.

When this bad boy hits the Wii U VC on the 16th of May, I’m going to give it another download, but there’s almost no chance I will finish it without using restore points because I’m sure my skills have diminished over the years.

I want to keep this entry nice and short and sweet. I don’t know if it was the game itself, the company I was with, or simply the time of its release, but there was something magical about Super Ghouls’n Ghosts. It was released when gaming was becoming more and more beautiful, when games were starting to expand in vision, and when our grizzled gaming skills were at their peak. It’s because of all these things that I will press on and rescue the princess from all matter of hell-spawn if only just to enjoy some excellent gameplay, nice graphics, and a killer soundtrack.

So do you all have good memories of Super Ghouls’n Ghosts, or will this be the very first time you ever experience it? Have any other fond memories of those very early third party SNES titles? You know the ones, where every game began with Super, just to let you know there was no fooling around!

4 thoughts on “Remembering…Super Ghouls’n Ghosts”

  1. For me, my limit in difficult retro games are stuff like Contra, Mega Man, and Zelda II. The latter remains the most difficult game I’ve ever completed fairly. Ghosts & Goblins and Castlevania are series I avoided because of their difficulty is in another realm. The closest I’ve gotten to a Ghost and Goblins game is Firebrand’s Game Boy game (its name escapes me) and Maximo on the PS2. Loved the latter but couldn’t get far for the life of me.

    Count me out on Super GnG. While restore points will make things a lot easier, My reflexes ain’t what they used to be. I couldn’t beat Mega Man 2 on the 3DS without restore points.

  2. Yeah Ahmed that’s why I said I doubt I’d beat this one. My skills aren’t anywhere near as sharp as they used to be. That said, I’ll still pick it up for nostalgia’s sake alone. This week I’ll be all over SM2, and Super Metroid. Can’t wait to post some silly comments on the Miiverse. You should see all the crap Steven and I have been posting lately :)

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