Upgrading To The 3DS XL is Completely Worth It

The 3DS XL came out March 27th, 2012, and I got mine on May 9th, 2013. The reason I was so hesitant was simply because I got burned with the 3DS launch. Here I was with the system and virtually nothing to play with it. Sure it was a nice piece of plastic to look at, but it took a while for the games to finally start coming. Then Nintendo made up for it by giving away a ton of Virtual Console titles via the Ambassador Program, and the rest is history. Bottom line, I was more or less happy with the system I had because I didn’t use it all that much before they announced the XL. I basically told myself that the upgrade would be a waste of money, and that I should enjoy the machine I had already bought. Fast forward to now that I’ve got a 3DS XL, and damn I wish I would have upgraded sooner. This thing is a beast! Just take a look at how much larger it is compared to the original 3DS.

3DS to XL Closed

3DS to XL Horizontal

That’s huge! I love the style on the new system as well. It looks sexy and sleek, even though it is gargantuan. Even compared to the large PlayStation Vita, this thing looks big.

XL Vita Comparison

Games look so much better on the system too. I was worried the stretching would make the games look pixelated or smeared, but so far that hasn’t been a problem at all. In fact even regular DS games look outstanding on the system (although I’ve only tried a single DS title thus far). The 3D effect is also much more pronounced with the larger screens. Going through Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon again has been stunning on the new system. I even decided to give New Super Mario Bros. 2 a whirl, and have been having a blast.

For those curious, the transfer process was completely seamless. Basically have your old 3DS and the XL on the same WiFi signal, then activate the transfer tool on both systems and away you go. Around an hour or so later you’re ready to remove the SD card from your 3DS and place it in your XL. That’s all she wrote, now the XL is identical to your old 3DS. Your old system can then be sold or given away to a family member, whatever you decide. In essence it becomes a brand new system. What I’ve done is gone ahead and put the 4GB SD card that came with the XL into the old 3DS and will give it to a family member. That’s a nice gift, wouldn’t you say? I previously bought a 32GB SD card for all my digital downloading needs, so that will last me for a long time on my new system.

It’s funny just how easy the transfer process was on the 3DS compared to the nightmare it is on the Wii U. You need a PhD in order to get your Wii content on the Wii U. Steven was so nervous about doing the transfer that he and I had a Skype call just to ensure nothing would go wrong. Even then it took us two tries in order to get it to work. It was cumbersome, lengthy, and ridiculous. It makes me wonder how the same company could be responsible for the transfer process on the 3DS. Yes, it really is that bad on the Wii U.

I don’t have too much else to say, except that over the past week or so I’ve been playing a ton of 3DS software and have really come to love my new XL. If Nintendo announces more hardware revisions to the 3DS I might just take them up on the offer sooner than I did this time around. Then again, this is a brand new system for me so…

Oh and before I wrap this up, there’s one more picture I have to show. It’s compulsory with all COE comparison shots.

XL DuelShock

You knew it was going to happen, don’t deny it! So what are your thoughts on the 3DS XL? Have you upgraded yet, or are you comfortable with your original 3DS? Sound off in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Upgrading To The 3DS XL is Completely Worth It”

  1. I did the same thing because I found the XL on sale and Ive been meaning to get one for a while now. Been loving the XL for all the reasons mentioned above. I do wish they added a second stick, especially when you see ho much space there is to do something like that.

  2. Yeah I should have upgraded before, but like I said there was always some excuse why I didn’t. It was thanks to Steven that I even upgraded. He saw a killer deal and I jumped on it. I also know we’ll have this version of the system for at least another year, which means there are tons of excellent games I’ll get to play on it, namely ALttP 2 :-P

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