What Are You Excited About For The Upcoming Generation?

With the Wii U already out, and the PS4 and Xbox Infinity (?) coming later this year, it’s clear a lot of us are starting to get excited about what all these new machines have to offer, and the games we’ll be playing in just a few short months. So the question is simple, what are you all looking forward to from these next-gen consoles?

Personally this is likely the very first time where I’m not overly excited about the visuals. Normally I get a little tingle in my stomach about how stunning all the games will look compared to before, but we know that we’ve hit the ceiling on visuals. Sure games will be clearer, run smoother, and feature far greater textures and objects in the environment, but we won’t be seeing a huge visual jump like we did from the PS2-era to this one. So I’m excited about different aspects the next-gen machines have to offer.

May not look like much, but this is actually a great community.
May not look like much, but this is actually a great community.

For starters the Wii U has shown how important a community can be. I know it seems silly since the PSN and Xbox Live are far more advanced, but there’s something magical about posting comments about whatever game you’re playing, or asking for help via a Twitter-like feed. We know Sony has something similar in the works what with the company’s stance on “Sharing” content from one member to another, or to the entire PSN community. The company has remained hush on exactly how all of these share features will work, if there will be one unified community, or if we’re simply going to upload these videos to a third party service and be done with it. Based on everything we’ve seen though, we know Sony’s going the social media route, albeit zeroed in on the hardcore gamer.

It's time to share!
It’s time to share!

Where that leaves Microsoft is anyone’s guess. We should start to have a clearer picture later this week as the unveiling of the next-gen Xbox happens on May 21st. My guess is that Microsoft is going to go much further with their integration of Xbox Live. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a feature similar to Sony’s share button showing up. I can imagine it’ll all be done in-house though. Microsoft has the strongest community of gamers right now, and if they’re able to somehow enhance that with video capture, screenshots sharing, etc. it could go a long way in helping Microsoft retain their #1 spot in this field.

Naturally there are the games as well. I’m very excited to see new properties like Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, but I want to see much more than that. Sure I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see sequels to some of my favorite series, but I have a soft spot for new IPs. Just look at this generation. We got Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, inFamous, and so many others. Couple new IPs with these unique community features, and I think we’re all in for a wild ride.

So that’s just a little taste of some of the things I’m really excited about as we transition into a new generation. What about all of you out there? What are you excited about?

5 thoughts on “What Are You Excited About For The Upcoming Generation?”

  1. Im not really excited at all actually. New consoles mean lots of money to spend and I’m seriously considering not buying anything for a while. Im in a retro phase anyway

  2. Indeed they do cost lots and lots of money. I will admit that this generation I am the least excited I have ever been. The reason is I just don’t see that huge leap forward. I’m hoping these social features are enough to grab my interest. Microsoft will hopefully get my juices flowing on Tuesday and if not than hopefully both Sony and MS will go crazy at E3 and get me ubber excited.

    1. Yeah honestly the Wii U is what had me excited the most due to the potential of the GamePad, but that hasn’t been fulfilled as much as I want aside from Nintendoland and off TV play. In general, next-gen is basically an extension of this generation with social features. This dampening in excitement is largely because how PC gaming has been dominating the space. The days of consoles being more powerful than PCs are over.

  3. I know I’ve personally bought a lot of PC games ever since building this new rig. From Tomb Raider, to BioShock: Infinite, the games on my PC are far more graphically rich than anything on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Since you can use an Xbox 360 controller for your PC, there’s really no excuse not to get into PC gaming outside of the games not being played on the big screen. I’m looking at simple ways of fixing that issue though, like Steam’s Big Picture mode. Still, I love me some consoles and I’m hoping Sony and Microsoft can bring out their huge exclusives to get me excited.

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