One thought on “Canadian Gamers – Episode 32”

  1. Great podcast :). A lot of really great insight & thoughts. Personally for E3 I’m leaning towards the PS4 I’ve always had a Xbox first & foremost but throughout the last few years I’ve used my PS3 more and more. I’ve also just acquired a Wii U & its a really fun & interactive console just like the Wii & its predecessors but from the looks of it third party developers are stepping away from this console & I believe reviving back catalogue titles such like Zelda, Mario & Donkey Kong(don’t get me wrong they have been and always will be classics & replayable franchises) but it can only drive them so far. I can basically just plug in my old consoles & play some of those games instead of grabbing them on the Eshop although it creates easy access in one spot for it.

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