The Plot Thickens!

The Plot Thickens!

Yesterday Geoff Keighley, host of GameTrailers TV said that his sources have confirmed Sony will use some kind of DRM-solution when dealing with used games. This comes after confirmation that the Xbox One would employ a DRM-solution for used games, on top of other features gamers have taken offense to including having a persistent online connection, etc.  Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal has been nothing short of a disaster for the PR division of the company.  Meanwhile Sony and Nintendo have sat back and reaped all the rewards.  Both companies saw their stock skyrocket after the Xbox One news started to break, and gamer backlash hit Facebook and Twitter.

Our very own Steven Lacroix said it best on the podcast, which was that if Microsoft was doing something like this, then Sony would have no choice but to follow what the publishers demand.  That sounds like what’s happening here.  One thing to note though, don’t ever forget the power of a large group of people.  NeoGAF and other forums, websites and fan groups have come together and taken this issue directly to Sony management.  At the time of this writing Twitter accounts for Sony’s top brass have been inundated with Twitter feedback from fans begging for Sony to leave used games alone, or to have them work like the PS3/Wii U.  Some executives have even left comments saying how proud they are that the PlayStation community is so vocal about issues they believe in.

#ps4usedgames is also one of the trending topics on Twitter right now, which is pretty incredible given the amount of other hot topics out there.  What comes of this is anyone’s guess, but it always amazes me how much people can do when they band together on a common cause.

As of right now we have no clue how the PS4 will handle used games, whether or not it requires an Internet connection at all times, etc.  We can only go by what their executives have said in the past.  Jack Tretton previously said it would be a huge consumer injustice to do away with the second hand market, but he’s only one executive.  It’s clear that Sony, and the rest of the world, is hearing the outpouring of negative PR on this subject since the Xbox One reveal.  There’s no question Sony will want to use this to their advantage, but at the end of the day Sony will have to decide whether they need to keep their customers happy or the people that supply them with games.  It’s a sticky situation, and one that we’ll find out further details about in the coming weeks leading to E3.

If you want to voice your concern, NeoGAF has all the details on exactly how to do so.  Please be respectful and tasteful whenever leaving a comment on social media sites.

6 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens!”

  1. Hope they’re not dumb enough to employ DRM. After the backlash, there are now reports that say that Microsoft will no longer charge fees in game lends. Instead, games will work as normal, but they’ll be authenticated via online,

    1. Microsoft can say all they want, but the system still requires a download in order for it to work. What’s to stop a person from renting a game, getting it on their HDD and returning it? Brand new game for $5? There has to be a workaround. They either go all in, or they don’t.

      1. From what I understand, as soon as the disc is loaded on another Xbox One, the previous authentication on the other Xbox One will be deactivated. In other words, whoever you’re renting from should manually deactivate the authentication so you don’t get to keep the game activated on your HDD.

        1. That would work only if the system requires a constant Internet connection, which seems to go against what they were saying earlier. You know what Ahmed, I think we’re going to have to wait and see for ourselves lol. This whole thing has been nothing short of a disaster my man.

  2. I was talking with a friend today after he posted a youtube video on my facebook wall about the DRM. Although I can understand the reasoning for them to want to do this the video which I watched does touch base on renting. Family who can’t or won’t buy brand new game for there children will pretty much become invaluable in terms or renting a game. Website like gamefly & certain video store that might still rent games will become pointless. That would in turn make them loose a portion of there fan base.

    Hopefully we all get informed on this at E3 to shed some light on the whole subject and what it all means.

    1. Forget “hopefully” Stephane, you can be SURE of it. There’s no way Microsoft or Sony can possibly ignore the hundreds of journalists that will be bombarding them about always-online, used games, etc. You’re going to have your answer by next Friday for sure. If the companies are smart they’ll just come out at their conferences and deal with it right away so there’s no more second guessing.

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