Sonic: Lost World Debut Trailer Goes X-treme!

Sega has admittedly brought back Sonic from the dead with Sonic Colors and Generations, but the franchise is not back to its full glory yet. Enter Sonic: Lost World, a Nintendo-exclusive title for both the Wii U and 3DS. While it’s too early to judge whether this will really put Sonic back on the map, the snippets of gameplay in this trailer is absolutely awesome. Younger gamers will liken it to a Super Mario Galaxy-esque experience, but older Sega veterans will think even further back in time.

Here’s some gameplay of Sonic X-treme, a cancelled Sega Saturn title which uses a “fish-eye” point of view, combining 2D and 3D elements. Much to my surprise, Sonic: Lost World is obviously heavily inspired by Sega’s past efforts…it’s almost a remake of Sonic X-treme, which actually works really well when combining the Super Mario Galaxy elements into play. I never expected Sega and Sonic Team to look back in this cancelled game with a disastrous development process in order to go forward. It’s a good place to start up a concept from.

10 thoughts on “Sonic: Lost World Debut Trailer Goes X-treme!”

    1. Thanks. While I did notice the resemblance immediately, I noticed quite a few YouTubers doing the same as well. It’s nothing to be ashamed or upset about though, which is why the negative reaction surprised me. So they took ideas from Sonic Xtreme. So what? That’s actually a good thing. The game was cancelled so they utilized its elements quite well here.

        1. You know YouTube. They can literally get upset over anything. It’s not an overwhelming majority, but I can’t see why anyone not being happy over this inspiration.

          1. Stuff like the game being a rip-off and relying on old ideas. Ironically, Sonic Xtreme’s platformer style hasn’t been technically replicated in this day and age, so in that sense you can’t call Sonic Lost World a rip-off or old.

          2. People can be so silly sometimes. Let’s just play the game and see how it is ourselves. I’m looking forward to it. After all, when’s the last time Nintendo published a Sonic game? ;)

  1. Sweet that looks cool. Always been a Sonic fan when it came down too my Sega back in the day. The last version of Sonic I enjoyed were Sonic Adventures 1& 2 for the Dreamcast :) I loved that console as well. Memory cards let me play snakes (probably not the right name) on them at school. The later version of Sonic I on newer generation console what plagued me the most was camera angles at the most unfortunate times when you were speeding.

    Will be looking forward too this whenever it launches.

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