The Last of Us – It Begins (100% Spoiler Free)

As I’ve said countless times already I can’t give detailed impressions, or talk about the storyline, early gameplay, etc. That said, I can give you guys some of my reactions, and breakdown key elements of the game by looking back at the past and hyping up what Naughty Dog has done here. So if this sounds exciting to you, sit back and enjoy. Just remember to keep coming back each day for a new entry in this series.

To begin I’d like to take a brief moment and say that the first couple of hours of the game have been nothing short of excellent thus far. Once you get your hands on the game I think all of you will agree that this game sets the mood right from the get-go and doesn’t let go. You’re constantly questioning your surroundings, and everything that’s going on in this dark and desolate future. So bottom line, my first reaction and overall impression has been “oh hell yeah!”

Looking back at previous Naughty Dog games, this really shouldn’t be any surprise. This generation the studio has pumped out three sensational Uncharted games. While that series focused more on lighthearted story arcs, and humor, this one is a complete 180 and focuses purely on drama and the consequences of living in a world gone mad.

Uncharted also pushed the PlayStation 3’s graphical prowess to its maximum, or at least we certainly thought so, but The Last of Us takes everything the studio learned with the Uncharted series and runs with it. Buildings look sharper than ever before, the environments are expansive and open, and environmental effects are stunning.

Audio was also an important part of the Uncharted series. Like Indiana Jones, the music was exciting when it needed to be, inspiring at other times, and quiet when the player needed to stop and think about a challenging puzzle. With The Last of Us Naughty Dog toned down the music and increased the sound effects. It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings, and equally important to listen to the dialogue spoken between the different characters. You’re not going to have a million cutscenes here, the story is slowly revealed through what people tell you, encouraging you to pay attention and listen.

Even though I have many more hours ahead of me, one thing is clear, much like the storytelling, graphics, and audio, the game as a whole feels like a natural evolution for Naughty Dog. Tomorrow we’ll look at evolving storytelling as a whole, by looking back at previous Naughty Dog games and showing how far the company has come.

This journey is only just beginning.

4 thoughts on “The Last of Us – It Begins (100% Spoiler Free)”

  1. Man I cant wait to play this game. From everything youve told me this sounds awesome. I was a bit worried that this game would play itself out a bit like the uncharted series, but it seems like the survival horror aspects will really force you to think. Im hoping the enemies are not are not as frustratinf as uncharted (unlimited ammo, endless waves etc) niceley done!

    1. Can’t say much, but the early portions are certainly extremely cinematic, but the enemy areas are much more involved. Thus far this isn’t technically a survival horror, but it is a survival game just the same. Like I texted you, 11 bullets in a few hours speaks volumes. You have to think before you act, and there haven’t been any endless waves just yet.

  2. In need of a new game soon. Been slacking off in game purchases for some time now Devil May Cry Reboot the last game I bought. With what you have played so far Jarrod your thoughts would be a must buy on release if I enjoyed Uncharted?

  3. Yup Stephane. I would recommend this to any Uncharted fan as of right now. The biggest difference besides gameplay, is the far more mature and serious storyline. If you’re a fan of Uncharted you’ll see tons of touches from that series all over the place here.

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