Super Mario World Review

250px-Super_Mario_World_CoverartSuper Mario World (Available exclusively on Wii U, and Wii Virtual Console)
ESRB Rating: E
Number of Players: 1 to 2
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Original Release Date: August 23rd, 1991
Wii VC Release Date: February 5th, 2007
Wii U VC Release Date: April 26th, 2013

I’ve been playing Super Mario World since I was a kid. I know the game by heart basically. Still, I had not touched this game since the excellent Super Mario Advance 2. I was extremely surprised by how well this game has aged. Basically, you could delete the memory of ever having played World and start from new today and I guarantee you this would surpass the quality of 99.9% of the videogames released today. Even having played this to death already, I was hooked as if this was a brand new experience. I have logged in over 16 hours into this Wii U virtual console release since its launch. I can tell already I’ll double or triple that time during the Wii U’s lifespan.


The Great:

Everything about this game is great! This introduced so many things to the Mario franchise, it’s sick. This was the birth of Yoshi. The first time Mario could jump on a creature and navigate his way around, upgrading his abilities doing so. This meant that you could simply eat most enemies, you could jump on some foes that would otherwise damage you. You could even “sacrifice” Yoshi to get to hard to reach areas. Super Mario World lets you pick up a shell and kick it upwards! Sounds silly but this is truly bad ass. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve died in a Mario game trying to kick an shell upwards only to have it bounce back in my face. It’s permanently printed in my brain, even though Super Mario World is the only game in the entire series that lets you do that. To top this all off, this introduces a fantastic overworld, filled with secrets that was just a joy to explore. Simply perfection.


The Good:

+ Extreme amount of content. Getting a 100% file takes anywhere from 5 to 10 hours. And that’s when you already know where everything is. There are so many secret exits and goodies hidden all over the place that you won’t be able to stop playing until you’ve found them all.

+ Who can forget the star world? As a kid, I was marveled by the idea of having secret bonus levels that could make you speed your way to the final boss in less then 30 minutes. Of course, I didn’t have the skills to pull this off back then. I remember the first time a friend of mine told me at school about the existence of a star world. Then you discover the special levels for yourself. Those took days to complete back then.  Oh the memories.

+ The visual experience cannot be matched. Sure you have all the bells and whistles today, but there’s just nothing compared to classic Mario sprites. This game truly earned the word “Super”.

+ Miiverse community makes this even more fun as you can share you’re favorite moments from the game with the all other gamers out there. Chances are, you’ll meet many more retro fans who, just like you, grew up with Super Mario World.

+ What else can be said? This is Super Mario World, the greatest platformer ever created.



The Lowdown:

Simply put, if you have a Wii U do not hesitate one second and download this. I don’t care that it’s eight dollars, this stands as my second favorite game of all time, right behind A Link To The Past. If by some miracle you’ve never played this before, I’d go as far as to recommend buying a Wii U just to experience it. With the added Miiverse community and restore points, this is the best version of Super Mario World out there.



Final Score: 10/10

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Steven. This is my second favorite videogame of all time, right behind A Link to the Past, just like you. You must be my brother from another mother lol. Anyways, this game is worth picking up a Wii U for, simple as that. Damn man you came on the Wii U bandwagon at the perfect time.

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