Pokémon Journal Part 2: Generation II

With Pokémon X and Y just a few short months away, I’ve decided to get the hype machine started by posting Poké-articles more often. I started a series a while back detailing my history with the franchise, and I thought I’d write the second part now. Also, Jarrod will finally try his hand at Pokémon next week so be on the lookout for some dual video/impression articles from him. I’ve been on his ass for years now, and I figured Black & White 2 was the perfect gift to send him as it’s the perfect place to start before X and Y arrive. Expect us to delve deeper into the subject in a future podcast as well. With all that said, let’s take a look at some of the very best the Game Boy Color has to offer, Pokémon Gold & Silver!


True classics!

The wait had been extremely long between the first two generations of Pokémon games. I remember reading so much information in Nintendo Power that I just couldn’t wait anymore. Days before the games were to ship, news broke all over the internet that retailers were breaking the release date. I live in a very small town with no game store so I had actually pre-ordered a copy from an out-of-town shop. Still, as soon as I heard that I went to the closest game shop around hoping that their tiny gaming section would have the games. By some miracle, I was able to walk back home with a copy of Pokémon Gold days before release. To this day this remains one of my favorite childhood memories. I would end up picking up Silver months later at a Electronic Boutique.

As with the previous generation, I ended up picking a fire Pokémon as my starter. His name was something like Chikorita. Probably my only complaint with the games was that they did a horrible job with the localization. In the originals, I could name the 151 Pokémon without blinking. Here, I can’t name half of them without looking it up. Anyhow, Gold & Silver introduced some of the best features to the series. My personal favorite was the real life game clock. Certain Pokémon could only be caught at night, while others would only evolve during a certain time-frame. The visuals themselves would change depending on the time of day. For some strange reason, Gamefreak opted to remove this feature from the next Pokémon games, a move which I never understood.

100 new Pokémon were added to Gold & Silver but the boldest change was the addition of two brand new types, Dark and Steel. The Dark type caught my attention as soon as it was announced. If you remember my previous article, I pointed out how most battles back then would end in a Mewto duel. This specific type would be key in my success against Marc-André. There weren’t that many Dark Pokémon however, and most of them were dual-types. My Pokémon of choice became Umbreon, a brand new evolution that became my best asset. His sole purpose was to take down Mal’s Mewto and he almost never failed. I ended up winning most of our matches because of him.

To this day, Grass Fire and Water are your only options

Gold & Silver had a wonderful surprise for you once you defeated the Elite 4. You could then basically play the entire original adventure. While some small changes were made here and there, you could go challenge the 8 original gyms to gain 16 badges in total. You could even challenge Ash from the cartoon series (although he was called Red if I remember correctly) in a secret cave where he had some truly powerful Pokémon. Another favorite of mine was the addition of a personal hideout. The reason for that is you could challenge a replica of your last linked battle once a day in here. This would be greatly helpful in raising Pokémon as you would get more exp.

The second generation also got a third game a year or so after. The game was called Crystal and had few slight variations. The addition of a battle tower and a greater focus on the legendary Pokémon Suicine were pretty much the biggest changes. You could now play as a girl character, but that wasn’t something to get excited about for me. I ended up trading two complete copies of Super Mario Bros. DX and Kirby’s Dream Land 2 to get this game, a mistake I regret to this very day. I never even bothered to beat the remaining 8 gym leaders after defeating the elite 4. While enjoyable, I had already beaten both Gold and Silver which were the exact same game. My focus now was more on multiplayer, this would be the last time I purchased a third pillar game in the franchise. Catching all 252 Pokémon took quite a while and the “reward” was a simple in-game certificate. Pokémon never delivered when it came to bonus content for accomplishing a hard task.

Pokémon Stadium 2 GS was and still is a fantastic game. There were tons of different championships to win, and the masterball ones took me forever to complete. They even introduced a tutorial mode that turned into a challenge mode the further you went along. As always, the game allowed you to play your Pokémon games on your TV. They even included some of the most addicting multiplayer mini-games I’ve ever played.

Now that was a game!

While the Stadium games weren’t true 3D Pokémon adventures, this October, we will finally be able to play a traditional Pokémon role playing game in a 3D world. I have waited almost 15 years for that chance, and I’m gonna enjoy it to the max. I really hope these articles will attract the few remaining non-believers to give this series a chance. A 3D Pokémon game seemed like an impossible dream a few years back, and now it will actually happen, and on a system with actual 3D capabilities. The impact of this game will be huge. I hope you’ve enjoyed these articles and ProjectCOE will be here to get you all the latest news on these pocket monsters. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. You’re really passionate about this series, and always have been. When you write articles like this you remind me of how I talk about the Zelda series, and whatnot. Pokémon Red and Blue were released in North America on September 30th, 1998, mere months before Ocarina of Time. At this point in time I was becoming more and more attached to my PlayStation as well. I had already experienced Resident Evil 2, and Metal Gear Solid was about to hit in October. Basically the reason I didn’t check out Pokémon is because it looked like a series for children, and during this point in my gaming life I was all about the T and M rated games. Naturally I didn’t miss any exclusives on the N64 either, but I missed a lot of stuff on the Game Boy. Funny that because the more you talk about this, the more it seems I would be into it.

    Anyways, if things continue the way they’re going you’ll be buying me the entire series soon, so I have no choice but to give the series a spin. I took a chance on Kirby, and have been enjoying it much more than I thought I would. So yes, I’ll give it a spin and see what I think, now that you’ve put me on the spot :-P

  2. You don’t have a choice! 2nd time better be worth it! I expect tons of articles on videos on it as well slacker!

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