PSA: Happy 9th Anniversary, COE Staff!

Time for the obligatory, 2-day late post by yours truly. 9 freakin’ years of existence…that’s pretty amazing considering the amount of game sites that have come and gone. Talk about getting by. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, but considering how the industry has morphed in 9 years time, it’s an amazing feat that this site still stands. The lack of interactivity may be underwhelming, but our YouTube is still going strong. The relations we have with actual game developers/publishers are also excellent. And I’m glad that whoever does interact with the site is enjoying it.

I’m out of town at the moment, but the staff should keep up the tradition by posting troll pictures of themselves with any game-related object that has the number 9!

Here’s to another 9 years!

2 thoughts on “PSA: Happy 9th Anniversary, COE Staff!”

  1. I actually had plans for this year lol. I was going to publish a video on Friday celebrating that fact that we still exist lol. Yeah 9 years is pretty damn amazing. I love that we’re making strides on YouTube again, and that we can finally start doing weekly video reviews, or just more interactive content in general. I’ll be back with lots more to say on Friday ;)

    1. Looking forward to it! Last year’s late festivities were hilarious, so I hope you guys post up those pictures and tag our Facebook/Twitter until I get back and post my own.

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