Steven’s Top 10 3DS Games (Summer 2013 Edition)

With the upcoming releases of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, A Link to the Past 2, and Pokémon X & Y, it’s clear that the 3DS has nothing to envy from other consoles. It’s been on the market for two years now and you’d be surprised how hard it was simply making a top 10 list. The system already has so many classics that you really should own one already if you love videogames. I’ve decided to list my favorites here, note that it was extremely hard to put them in any order. Here we go!

10. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir 

While it definitely has its fair share of flaws, The Cursed Memoir proved to be one heck of an experience. I had never played a horror game like this before. Using the 3DS’ camera, your home suddenly becomes haunted, with you searching for clues. With clever uses of the built-in camera, the game even comes packed with a booklet that you need to search in order to find objects and solve mysteries. I would love to get a sequel one day, as this proved very unique.


9. HarmoKnight

While Game Freak are better known for their Pokémon series, HarmoKnight proves they have what it takes to create captivating platformers as well. A mix between a music-rhythm game and a platformer, HarmoKnight is one game you absolutely must purchase on your 3DS. For only $15, you can’t go wrong.



8. Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater

Although Metal Gear Solid 3 controls awkwardly thanks to the lack of a second analog stick, this remains one of the very best videogames ever created. It’s in my personal top 5 of all time, so this port had to make the list. I had not played this for a very long time, and simply seeing the landscape in 3D made it very well worthwhile. If you’re a fan of the series and happen to own a 3DS, do yourself a favor and pick this title up. You might want to invest in the Circle Pad Pro add-on though, just to make it control that much better.


7. Cave Story 3D

The definitive version of Cave Story, the 3DS version is a must buy for any fan of Metroidvania-style games. With old-school difficulty, don’t expect this game to cut you any slack.



6. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Even with the easier “New Mode,” this game will still kick your ass back and forth, yet you’ll come back for more. If you haven’t experienced the Wii classic, pick this game up right away. Even if you already mastered the original, the addition of a brand new world plus the awesome 3D effects are well worth your money. A true gem, especially if you have a tendency towards retro gaming.


5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Only a fool would think of OoT 3D as a simple port. Just compare screens of the 3DS version to the N64 original, and you can see right away how much work and effort went into this game. It’s still a masterpiece even after all these years. and one very well worth reinvesting in. Insert the Master Quest for good measure, and you have a game any self-respecting Zelda fan shouldn’t be without.


4. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

While the past four games were ports or upgrades, the top four are all original must-own titles for any gamer out there. These are simply exceptional handheld games that will pass the test of time years from now. The first one on my list is Luigi’s Mansion 2, the perfect portable game (like the rest on my list). Note that any of these last four games could be make the number one spot, it just depends on the day I decide to write this. Every night my girlfriend and I would play a good 30 minutes to an hour of Luigi before bed. It’s just wonderful for short sessions, but more often than not we’d end up playing just one more mission, which would turn into two, three, etc. The visuals are so charming, and this is Luigi at his best. I’d recommend this title to anyone without blinking. Buy it!


3. Super Mario 3D Land

Another instant classic, this and Mario Kart 7 helped detonate the 3DS’ sales. The system hasn’t looked back since, with at least a quality game released every month since. Super Mario 3D Land has the classic feel of the earlier 2D Super Mario Bros games, but in a 3D world. This was the first game to convince me that 3D effects could actually change the way you play videogames. You’ll find this game on 95% of top 5 3DS lists on the internet.  It’s that good.


2. Fire Emblem Awakening

Intelligent Systems were warned before release, if the Awakening didn’t sell at least 250 000 units it would be the last game in the series. Knowing this, they decided to create the best game possible, believing this would likely be Fire Emblem’s swansong. Turns out, they couldn’t have been more wrong. The game got mad reviews across the board, and ended up selling out everywhere in North America upon release. Not only was this one of the best portable titles ever released, it will probably turn out as the franchise’s first million seller. While Fire Emblem has always been fantastic, Awakening pushed the series to its limits. With new DLC getting released every week, there’s just no end in sight to the potential this game has. An absolute gem, get used to me talking about this game for years to come.


1. Resident Evil Revelations 

This should have been called Resident Evil 6. I’m kind of sad that Capcom opted to port this game out to consoles as it will no doubt tarnish its reputation. This game was made for a portable system, recreating that same atmosphere on an HDTV with gamers used to today’s visuals wasn’t the best idea. It might make more gamers experience the game, and I guess that’s not a bad thing. This 3DS original simply must be experienced by any survival horror fan. There’s just no disconnection at all when you immerse yourself in this adventure. With the 3D visuals, and the fact your face is slow close to the screen at all times, it frequently pumps out considerable scares. Revelations also includes a fully online raid mode, which was a surprise blast. Jarrod and I invested a dozen more hours into those missions. I always loved co-op gaming, and the difficulty ranks up pretty fast, so much so that we were never actually able to finish everything off. Even if multiplayer’s not your cup of tea, the single player campaign is well worth your time. With tons of secrets and multiple difficulty levels, you’ll be playing this one for a very long time. If you haven’t played the game, please try the superior 3DS version first. I’m really hoping Capcom announces a new 3DS Resident Evil at E3 as this one was nothing short of a masterpiece.

6 thoughts on “Steven’s Top 10 3DS Games (Summer 2013 Edition)”

  1. I don’t feel right writing a top 10 mainly because I haven’t experienced enough games to really say these are my top ten or not. What I can do is a top 5, but that’s kind of boring since every game you mentioned in your top five are exactly like mine, except a different order. Oh what the heck, here’s goes.

    5) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – I could have put DK in here, but I found much more work went into the OoT remake, so it gets the nod.
    4) Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Wonderful game, absolutely loved it.
    3) Fire Emblem Awakening – Still playing it now actually.
    2) Resident Evil: Revelations – Best RE since 4, and one of my personal favs since the PS1 days.
    1) Super Mario 3D Land – Just loved everything about this game, and that last stage was brilliant!

    There you have it!

  2. Interesting read (coming from someone who doesn’t own a 3DS).
    I know the 3DS has plenty of games I’d play and enjoy, Resident Evil and FIre Emblem would be at the top of that list, but the Vita is plenty to keep me busy on my travels to work so buying another system and more games would simply pile up my back log of video games to play :S

    It’s a rough world we live in! :)

  3. Man looking at this list today, it’s crazy how things would change. And even after the holidays, with Zelda and Pokemon still to be released, there’s just so many amazing games for the system. And you sir need to finish Fire Emblem one day. It’s practically a sin not to complete that game.

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