The Last of Us – Believe the Hype

This is it, the final countdown before my review hits tomorrow at 10AM. I’ve been waiting to write this article since the first day I started these teaser articles. The message I want to leave you all with is this, The Last of Us is my new favorite game of the generation. The main reason is because of the incredible storyline, the fact no one is safe, and the brilliant world in which Naughty Dog has so masterfully created. I can’t say this enough, if you’re old enough to appreciate mature storylines, are a fan of The Walking Dead comic series, or loved Children of Men, don’t even bother reading my review tomorrow and go buy the game on the 14th instead.

I’ve talked about so many different aspects of the game now, but I can’t convey everything the game has to offer because of how well all the individual parts come together. Sure there are some gameplay issues here and there, but I am a huge sucker for a great story, and how it’s told. This game could have been alright, or just good, but what blasts it into the stratosphere is the dynamic duo mentioned above (story and setting). I didn’t want the game to end because I knew each new chapter would bring a new place for me to explore, or introduce new characters for me to feel their pain, only to have them leave when I needed them the most.

The Last of Us also challenges you to think about how you would react in a world where it’s kill or be killed, where an act of kindness could mean your death. Would you really allow someone to live, who could potentially come back at a later point and kill you and the ones you love? It sounds barbaric and brutal, and it is, it really is. That’s the world though, and that’s pretty much exactly what would happen here if the world was thrown into chaos. A dead man can’t come back to stab you in the back. Harsh, I know, but fact.

The Last of Us will most likely go down as the last incredible PlayStation 3 videogame released, although Beyond: Two Souls is getting released later this year, along with Gran Turismo 6. The truth is though, while those games surely look great, and I’m sure they will be, The Last of Us is a true game-changer. It is our Citizen Kane moment, where a game’s story is so powerful and unexpected that it changes the way people look at videogames. I know that my significant other almost cried twice. I mean there were actual tears in her eyes, and she was only watching me play the game a bit here and there. That’s how powerful the story can get. I know people like to say games are becoming interactive movies, and there are times where you’ll feel that way here too, but if the story’s this bloody good, I’ll gladly take it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this daily series on The Last of Us, and I hope you stick around for all of our E3 coverage and beyond. This is only the beginning! Remember to tune in tomorrow at 10AM for my video review/written review. I go into far more detail why I believe this is not only the best game of 2013, but of the entire generation. Enjoy!

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  1. Urgh!!! I knew I was gonna go crazy for this game but now all your articles about it are making me want it even more!!! If that was even possible!

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