4 thoughts on “Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Live Stream Showcase!”

  1. Looks awesome Ahmed. If Steven ever gives me The Last of Us back, I’m likely going to do a nice little walkthrough of the game myself. Really like watching these. How do you go about recording your live commentary? You plug in a mic to the PC while you play or what?

  2. Now that you’ve answered me via Facebook, I suppose I’ll switch back to the topic at hand. This looks amazing, a real shame I don’t have my Wii plugged in anymore.

    1. I still have my Wii plugged in for the mods. Smash Bros. basically. There’s another mod coming out for that in the near future if you could believe it.

      1. See this sucks that the console makers don’t officially sponsor this stuff. Mods can be amazing. They don’t promote piracy in any way, shape, or form. They actually help people purchase more copies of the original game. I really wish Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo would open their systems up for official mod support. I’d LOVE that.

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