The Ultimate Top 5 Vita Games of All Time List

Steven originally came up with the concept of writing a Top 5 article for the PlayStation Vita. To mix things up he invited one of our most loyal fans to join the ranks and list off his top 5. So here’s how this is going to work. Steven’s list is based on a novice’s point of view, seeing that he’s played on a few Vita games. Next up will be my list. I’ve played quite a few games, but nowhere near as many as AppetitePat, who acts as our Vita expert. If you want to check out our reviews, click on the title of the game. So let’s get the party started!

Steven’s Ultimate List

HSG5) Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational – A truly kick ass launch game that I had the pleasure of reviewing. One of the best golf games I’ve played, also really well adapted for a portable system. This made me realize how awesome it was to have (near) HD visuals on a portable.




Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review4) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – I’m a huge fan of this game, and having it on the go can’t be matched. The Vita port is almost 100% identical to the console version, with just a bit too much loading. Still, it plays like a champ and the lightning-fast action is represented marvelously on the Vita’s OLED screen. Gotta love it!



Mutant Blobs Attack3) Tales From Space: Mutant Blob Attacks – The Vita’s surprise launch hit. This made me fall in love with DrinkBox Studios. If you’ve yet to experience this classic, shame on you!




Guacamelee!2) Guacamelee! – Go read my review right away! That should tell you why it’s so high on my list. What could possibly beat this as my number 1…..




Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review + Video Review1) Lumines: Electronic Symphony – I just couldn’t believe how addicting a puzzle game could be. I’ve invested over a dozen hours into this title. I don’t recall ever playing a puzzle game for more than 15 minutes before. I would lose myself for hours trying to beat my friend’s high scores, the Vita’s online infrastructure is perfect for a game like this. It’s an awesome puzzler that fools you into thinking you’re playing an action game at some points. You really need to give this game a chance.



Jarrod’s Deluxe List

Gravity Rush5) Gravity Rush – With an incredibly unique concept, a great gameplay world to explore, and a pretty entertaining storyline, Gravity Rush is just what the doctor ordered for anyone looking for a unique Vita action adventure unlike anything else out there. It may have had a few issues, but it’s still a fantastic trip worth taking.




Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review + Video Review4) Lumines: Electronic Symphony – My favorite PSP launch title also happens to be one of the very best puzzle games of all time. Electronic Symphony is just as endearing and exciting to play. It includes a ton of amazing gameplay modes, phenomenal music, and great gameplay. What’s not to love?




Uncharted: Golden Abyss Review3) Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Proving it is possible to have a console-like experience on the go, Golden Abyss takes everything you love about the Uncharted series and miniaturizes it for the go. Featuring a great cast of characters, some of the best visuals ever seen on a portable and excellent gameplay, Golden Abyss deserves to be on everyone’s top five list (I’m looking at you Steven!).




Mutant Blobs Attack2) Tales From Space: Mutant Blob Attacks – The surprise hit of the decade. Honestly I had no expectations for this game at all. Released as a digital-only title at the Vita’s launch, Mutant Blobs Attack featured the most charming characters ever. The gameplay was spot-on, and the secrets were excellent. This game shocked me to no end, and should be played by absolutely everyone. It’s the title that introduced me to DrinkBox Studios, who have since become my favorite PSN developer out there.




Guacamelee!1) Guacamelee! – Hands down my favorite game on the Vita. While it’s also available on the PS3, this game rules like no other. It’s a Metroidvania-style game, but with its own unique charm and visuals. Another smash from Drinkbox Studios. This game challenges you in insane ways, but never becomes frustrating. If you own a Vita, this is one game you need to play right this very second. It’s brilliant!



Pat’s Super Crazy Cool List

Plants vs. Zombies Review5) Plants vs Zombies – Probably my favorite tower defense game! I spent more hours on this one than I care to mention! Did three playthroughs and this is on top of the two I had already done on the iPhone. The screen size and touchscreen worked really well once again. Not much else to say.





Battle Royale4) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal – This is a game that I feel didn’t get as much love as it deserved. One of (if not the first) games to have multiplayer servers for both PS3 and Vita. There was absolutely no lie when they said it would play as great on any system! Even though it didn’t sell much or become a classic like Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros., the online community is still going strong!




MGS HD Collection Vita3) Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – Not much to say here, we’ve all played the MGS games numerous times and know what to expect from this collection. Everything worked well from the screen size to the smooth controls.




Rayman_Vita2) Rayman Origins – This was my first Rayman experience, and I enjoyed it quite a lot! I found it to have all my favorite aspects of platform games and none of my dislikes. Fast paced, unlimited lives, diversity and great music all contributed to what made it so enjoyable. Sure the Vita version didn’t have multiplayer, but I usually play my games alone anyway and quite honestly, I think acquiring the platinum trophy would’ve been harder without the touch feature.



Uncharted: Golden Abyss Review1) Uncharted: Golden Abyss – This one’s an absolute no-brainer! I had quite a lot of fun with this one. I think it’s quite crazy to have been able to reproduce a game on a handheld that is just as good if not better than the original Uncharted on the PS3. The length of the game was long too, and the ability to use the accelerometer to fine tune your aiming was quite welcome! I even found myself trying to do that on the PS3 afterwards!



Unfortunately there are a lot of games that I haven’t had the chance to play yet. There are plenty of them that could easily have made this top 5 list such as Gravity Rush, Persona 4, Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation, LittleBigPlanet, Sly Cooper 4, Unit 13, Guacamelee and Mutant Blob attacks. That’s not naming them all, and that’s why I don’t understand when people say the Vita doesn’t have any games. Sure a lot of them are also available on PS3 but it doesn’t make them any less available on the Vita to play on the go. For some of us, on the go is where you get most of your gaming! I really love that powerful little machine and I hope Sony’s got a good show for us this time around for E3!

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Top 5 Vita Games of All Time List”

  1. I’ve had the Vita since launch but haven’t played that many games so far to be honest but I do enjoy the system. I had bought Hot shot golf & Modnation racers. I had a blast with Hot short Golf although I never fully finished it.

    Modnation racers was practically the same as the PS3 version but considering we had no actual online functionality other then Ad-hoc mode I returned it.

    Since re purchasing PS+ I found out I could also get free game on my Vita as well and since acquired Uncharted & Gravity Rush.

    Uncharted I haven’t touched it too much but from what I played I feel like I will need to work on controls.

    Gravity Rush I’ve enjoyed so far it’s a very intriguing game and the touch functionality is very fun too play.

    I had also purchased Sly 4 which came with a Vita code to play on both platforms. It pretty much plays the same as on the console. What is great about this is you get too play at home on your console & if you plan on playing on the go make sure your last save is on the cloud and just load up your cloud save from your vita & presto you keep going from where you have left off.

    I find that Cross play functionality a really good feature on Sony’s part :).

  2. I agree cross play rocks. Its one ofthe things I want Nintendo to add as stated into a recent 3ds article I wrote. Gravity Rush is a game I really want to get as well.

  3. Yeah Cross Play and Cross Buy are pretty damn sweet. We now know that Sony is pretty much forcing developers to add Remote Play to each and every PS4 game, which should give the Vita some extra uses. Being able to play any PS4 game on the Vita while in different parts of the house, or while the wife uses the TV is a pretty wicked feature, as the Wii U has shown. Having this functionality added to the system for free, before launch is a welcome surprise too. Now if we could just get some more games I’d be a very happy person.

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