E3 2013: Sony Press Conference Live Blog & Stream

Time for Sony to shine! Will they opt out of DRM? Will their exclusives outmatch what Microsoft just revealed? Tune in to find out. We’ll be live blogging the whole thing. Click here to watch the live stream! I’ve also embedded the stream below the chat window for convenience.

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Best instruction video of all time.

12 thoughts on “E3 2013: Sony Press Conference Live Blog & Stream”

  1. I’m glad they kept the Vita stuff brief and have already transitioned into the PS3 lineup!

  2. I absolutely love the tone Jack is taking with the conference; really showing Sony’s effort to connect with all the hardcore gamers out there.

  3. Fantastic conference. :) One has to think this is a knockout punch to Microsoft unless they shift their strategy.

  4. Always fun following you guys!

    So much to enumerate from their conference I wouldn’t know where to begin!
    Already started saving for a day 1 purchase and now I know I have to follow that plan through! :)

  5. Thanks for joining in the fun people. Sorry I wasn’t able to see your comments earlier as I was busy live blogging. Agreed though. Fantastic Conference. Their best in years. The infamous Microsoft Roast will be remembered for years to come. Look forward to the Nintendo live blog tomorrow.

    To be frank, I just pre-ordered the PS4. That’s how sold I am.

  6. This will be one E3 conference remembered for years to come. It wasn’t the most exciting, and it didn’t reveal anything OMG amazing, but what it did do was show that Sony realized the true power of the Internet and consumer pride. By siding with the consumer over the publishers they will convince millions of people around the world to jump ship. Not only that but smaller retailers will give them more shelf space, rental chains will now be exclusive to Sony, etc, etc. This is without a doubt the biggest move anyone in the gaming industry has done in the last decade, and I commend them on sticking up for the little guy.


    Best video out there!

    There was one thing people may have missed, that online multiplayer being packed in with PS+ on the PS4 for $50 a year. All the perks from PS+ carry over, and your one account will now be valid on PS3, Vita, and PS4. That’s an incredible deal, but just make sure you understand you will now require PS+ for online multiplayer.

    The other big news was clearly the price point. It reminded me so much of E3 1995 when Sony announced the $299 price point after Sega announced $399 for Saturn. It was a HUGE blow to Sega, and make no mistake about it, this will be a huge blow to Microsoft. There is no way MS can change their policies right now because it will look like a major sign of defeat, but let me tell you, they’re going to have to do something because Sony just stepped their game up in such a way we haven’t seen in a decade. Very well done Sony.

  7. Some people seem to be unhappy about the whole having to pay to play multipayer on PS4 now but I don’t see it as a big deal with all the cool promotions we get for being plus members. Even currently Deus Ex is free for PSN members which I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve also had a chance to try psn titles like Malicious which is hard.

    Giving something for purchasing something Is in most cases a good thing. Since I’ve heard Microsoft has jumped on that its a good thing for people who want to purchase an Xbox One

    1. After all the good news, having to be PS Plus member for online multiplayer isn’t such a big deal. I’ve had Live for years and never complained because the service was worth it. PS Plus is already worth it, so no biggie for me at all.

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