Nintendo Direct E3 2013 – Wii U News and Recap

So let’s recap Nintendo’s latest Wii U releases. This was a Wii U-centric video, but had two 3DS games to talk about. Here’s the whole video:

1) Super Mario 3D World: biggest surprise of the video. We were all expecting something akin to Super Mario Galaxy, but instead Nintendo has opted to follow-up Super Mario 3D Land, which results in the first 3D multiplayer title with four playable characters akin to Super Mario Bros. 2’s feel: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach. It looks like a pretty fun game and follows Mario 3D Land quite well.

2) Mario Kart 8: combines the features of both Mario Kart Wii and 7; bikes and gliders are back, but now the new added feature of gravity comes into play. You can race upside down or on the side.

3) Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS: looks awesome and not that different from the gameplay of Brawl. The 3DS version uses the cel-shaded style while the Wii U upgrades Brawl’s graphics to HD. Biggest surprise is Mega Man being an actual playable character, retaining a lot of his classic moves and weapon upgrades like the slide, Metal Blade, Leaf Shield, and many more. It feels absolutely great to see him again after so long, especially in a Smash Bros. game. The trailer really made him look like a badass.

4) Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze – Retro’s new title is on the loose. It’s going to be a strictly download-only game on the eShop, which is sort of surprising. This is basically an extension to the first DKCR, implementing many ideas that Retro couldn’t fit into the final game like swimming levels. Looks great in action and the dynamic camera is kind of cool. Also, Dixie Kong FTW!

5) The Wind Waker HD: of course we’re all looking forward to playing this. The Tingle Tuner has been redone to involve the actual Miiverse community.

6) 3rd Party Reel: nothing too out of the ordinary that we don’t know of. We all know Rayman and Watch Dogs are coming. Sonic: Lost World has recently been announced too.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct E3 2013 – Wii U News and Recap”

  1. That was a terrible idea to hold a direct at E3. The stream was awful. Anyways, outside of that the info we got was great. Really looking forward to Super Mario 3D World, and A Link Between Worlds :-P Was surprised there wasn’t many brand new announcements for Wii U. DKC and Mario Kart 8 were awesome, and the Smash Bros trailer was great, but guess I thought there would be more. Great stuff all around though.

  2. Pokemon i’m excited for the new one :), Super Smash although won’t be out for a while but the addition of Mega Man is Epic

    1. I agree that you’ve got to make your games more worthwhile if you don’t want people to sell them. Adding a solid multiplayer mode usually will give the game some longevity, but Nintendo has been luck that a lot of their single player offerings are even worth revisiting at a later time.

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