Heck yes! David Wise Returns to the Donkey Kong Country Series!

It’s a good day to be a fan of Donkey Kong Country, Rare, and video game music. Not only are Retro bringing the series to the next-generation, they’re taking a piece of Rare with them — in the form of David Wise. Infamous for his time at Rare, his current freelance status begged the possibilities of him returning to the series he made famous. Yes, he’s every bit of why the DKC series are excellent. Our dreams have come true; Wise is composing for Tropical Freeze on the Wii U.

Listen to this and I dare you to tell me you’re not getting chills. The soundscape, the samples, the composition — absolutely perfect song and it hasn’t aged a day. Let’s not forget this infamous tune as well, one of my favorites actually:

I can’t wait to hear what he’s cooking for the latest entry. Congrats to Wise for this gig. Go on, head over to his Twitter and send him your well wishes!

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